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4/20/2007 c1 7The Breakdancing Ninja
[I spent a day/

trying to figure what this/

meant because my habit is,/

as you may know,/

the meticulous kind]

Don't find me unreasonable when I say this, but this set of lines is extremely like... hot. There's something about the way it's phrased that makes me think of some dude with intense eyebrows and a wry smile telling some girl in a suave, matter-of-fact tone, you know, the deliberate kind, what's what. I find it to be extremely hot. I think the tone is very laid back but assertive and self-knowing. That's why I'm drawn to it.

The nature of this conversation doesn't sound like a breakfast, lunch, -or- dinner conversation. It sounds like something someone says to someone else in bed. But maybe I'm only saying this because I'm extremely attracted to the tone. It oozes me.

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