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5/9/2011 c31 Crazyaboutyou
Um, amazing? Lovely? I don't know what to call this, but this made me laugh so hard that my mom thought I was a nut. Jay and Kara are the perfect couple, don't you agree?

5/2/2011 c31 2MuffinsRoxSox
That was absolutely adorable. And hilarious. And amazing. That was one of the cutest stories ever! I love Kara. She is so cute with her random facts and strange-like behavior. I want a friend like that. Even if she is a bit crazy. Jay is so...hard to describe. I mean, he can be such a sweetheart, then an asshole, then be this amazing guy that you just want to all for yourself. I mean, who wouldn't? Burr is awesome. Just totally awesome. Well, it's getting late here and I need to get up early tomorrow for school. I better get going then. Bye!
4/24/2011 c17 5Britt Woods
I really liked this chapter. I think it's because I relate to Kara in the sense that I rarely answer uncomfortable questions - and my personal definition of uncomfortable is slightly questionable haha. I'm a master of saying something without saying anything at all while Kara spews random facts to avoid conversation. From my own experience, I know how frustrating this can be for the people I'm closest to.

This chapter made me really happy because Kara opened up a little bit and actually answered some of Jay's questions. Of course, she only did this because she thought he was too drunk to remember, but it was interesting because I understand where she's coming from.
4/22/2011 c31 Shoshana
I have loved your characters from beginning to end.

And it's always hard to leave a story when you fall in love with the characters.

Which is what you've done for me.

Thank you.
4/14/2011 c8 randomnessismybestfriend
kara is my friends name so it makes it very interesting to read
4/3/2011 c31 Warrior-Princess06
'Wow! I'm finally done reading ALL the CHAPTERS within 124 hours..haha.! :) I LOVE IT! Congratulations for this wonderful and hilarious fic.! :D I really enjoy reading this.! :D Keep up the good work.! :D

I love Kara and Jay ever..they're so adorable together.! :)) I love Burr too.! :)) Same with the other namely Jess, Will, Deacon and Erin.! :)) I hate Danny, Peter and Erica..tsktsk.

Anyways, I'm sorry if i didn't review each chapter..maybe if i came here around the time when you still writing this fic, I AM.! :) And i'm too excited to read the next chapter to leave a review..hehe..so yeah.! :)) Congratulations again and Until next time.! :))
3/30/2011 c31 you rock
withOUT a doubt, THE best story that has ever and will ever be written on fictionpress :]

say no more :)
3/19/2011 c31 1Eil
I really enjoyed the story - it was funny and fast-paced. Thank you so much for sharing it. Favourite line: Judas!" I hissed at Jess before glaring sideways at William, "Brutus!" Cracked me up and made me grin for an hour :p

Oh, and love the way you ended it.
2/27/2011 c1 404 pants
Just a quick note: You don't have to use commas all the time, they are to pause for a breath in a sentence or to separate several items being listed. Also, it's means it is, its is possession.

Interesting idea though.
2/27/2011 c4 1storiesrock
omg i wish i had a friend like Burr...hes soo cool! :)
2/22/2011 c31 1TheLastFireBender
Its a awesome story i luv it plz rite more!:)
2/10/2011 c1 YOUNG-the wild. free. in love
Nice story. i love your writng style. :)
2/9/2011 c31 pippa24689
Aw... I loved the ending. What starts with a rock ends with a rock (in the exact same situation)
2/9/2011 c4 pippa24689
I love Kara! I love how she breaks out into random facts at inopportune moments.
2/5/2011 c4 Asocial
Wow, she is weird. I like it.
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