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7/2/2010 c31 sblue13
Ha Ha this story was very funny and i especially loved the ending, isn't throwing rocks what got her into all that trouble in the first place, anyway it was an awesome story. Very well done! : )
6/18/2010 c31 1CallMeAutumn
I loved this story!

It reminded me a lot of Hiring a Hooligan if I have the story right because of all the facts & odd tee shirts lol. It was also really fun to read since I'm half samoan! I felt accomplised knowing I could understand some of what she had said since I never really learned the language. ^^'

And I'm glad the story was unpredictable! I had thought that she would probably not find out about the true bet and then after Jay went through with it, he's apologize later. (real cliché, yeah?) so I'm glad it kept me on my toes. I wasn't expecting Jay to /not/ go through with it either.

I also liked how Jay is weird like Kara, but just more reserved about it.

All in all, great story! I really enjoyed reading it!
6/5/2010 c31 Hidden Flowers
I love this story, but if you want me to be honest, I think Kara's insane. If I were to find a guy who smelled and tasted of cinnamon all the time, I would marry him. Needless to say, I love cinnamon.
6/3/2010 c2 17QuiteSavvy
I want to know why. So I am reviewing.
6/2/2010 c14 infinite101
My uncle's from NZ and everytime he visits, he swamps us with all blacks gear, right now i think we've got a bunch of mugs, t-shirts and even a gold ball added to the collection lol

This chapter was intense! especially th end.. now that was a shock!
6/2/2010 c12 infinite101
Character i'd like to stuck in a lift with? Hmm has to be either Deacon or Jay - can i not choose both? lol

Character i'd like to have killed off as of yet? hmm Peter or Danny i think,

Yup i read Harry potter and the deathly hallows, I liked it but its not my favourite in the series I think its something to do with the epilogue at the end, i felt as though it could have included a bit more..

back to your story, loving all your characters - looking forward to next chapter - poor Kara i don't really like it when people pay more my food either (think its an independency thing - well unless i'm good mates with them.. then they can knock themselves out lol) anyway wow looks like she hit a nerve with Jay...

A crazy fact i thought i'd share - wag means 'cut class' in England too
6/2/2010 c8 infinite101
I'm loving this fic so far!

hmm when Will's charcter was first introduced i was kinda leaning more towards Kara and him as a pairing - their history's really sweet, however since he slept with Jess i'm thinking Jay and Kara - the tension you have between the two character's is great!

Can't wait to see what happens next
5/28/2010 c12 Reader
I am IN LOVE with Deacon.

='( too bad he's fictional, the best guys always are.
5/24/2010 c1 eiyuang999
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5/11/2010 c31 29KaenaFolcun
oh this was brilliant. funny, quirky; painfully refreshing, almost... i didn't expect to find a character like Kara in here, i really didn't...

the ending made me laugh my ass of (well, as loud as i could in front of my equally terrifying mother who thinks im studying, lol...)
5/4/2010 c31 Meg
Great ending! Very cute.
5/3/2010 c14 MelodieCC
wow, Kara. how can she be so lucky to have two and soon to be three guys chasing after her? when she's so strange? lucky girl :)
5/3/2010 c13 MelodieCC
your story is cracking me up! it's so weird and sometimes what Kara is saying confuses me but it's so strange that it's refreshing and i can't seems to stop. even though i have an AP test tomorrow... :)
5/2/2010 c8 MelodieCC
OMG! well, i kinda guessed that it was what happend when Will kissed Jess.
5/1/2010 c2 MelodieCC
interesting... :)

p.s. yeah...i wouldn't want to own Donald Trumps hair. LOL
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