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11/2/2009 c4 2Dreamer's Denial
This is seriously the most amazing story i have ever read.

Amazingly written.
11/2/2009 c31 7Your Execution
Omg this story was somewhat crazy but awesome none the less. woo!
10/17/2009 c31 2asianinvasion0530
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED this story. Kara's just such a lovable character because of her eccentricity and her inability to be self-conscious is such an admirable quality. I also loved Kara's random fact-spewing [I learned a lot actually haha] and Kara and Jay's love-hate relationship. Great job with this story! =]

Oh and can I just say that I love that you're from New Zealand? I even looked up New Zealand on wikipedia [haha a not very trustworthy site, I know, but it gets the job done] and it seems like such an awesome country. I wish I lived somewhere that cool. But anyways, I also liked all the Samoan stuff you implemented. There's actually quite a bit of Samoans at our school [our football team even does hakas (I think that's what you call them?)] and I loved learning more about Samoan culture.

Anyways this is getting to be a really long review so I'll shut up now. =]
10/12/2009 c15 7adlerose
This is so amazing...I can't stop reading...

anyways, i just want to say that somehow the jess and will thingy won't click with me... i know it will be jess and will, they are on the making but i have this nagging want to see will still wanting kara...
10/5/2009 c31 SapphireEyes16
this story is in my faves! kara & jay r currently my fave couple their both unconventional but ur writing makes it work perfectly so keep up the good work ;) cnt wait to read deacon's story!
9/26/2009 c31 ghurl00
aw.. what a cute ending. haha.:D she threw a rock. haha:D love ur story.:D
9/23/2009 c31 13Aaerie
im amazed
9/21/2009 c31 1TumbleWeed23
hahahahahaha...LOL...that deserves an applause :D
9/14/2009 c1 truthisnaked
WOOT WOOT! It's a story with the main chick being Samoan! Finally! I just want to say that I'm half Samoan and proud and I have never read a story like this...You're bloody awesome!
9/8/2009 c4 1perfectlyxximperfect
i have to say, this story is by far the most humorous i have read. :D i haven't even reached half and i'm already loving it. can't wait to read the rest :D
9/5/2009 c31 LocalYokel
Just brilliant! I loved every bit of the story!

When kara's "logical" decision is to ignore jay, I was seriously wishing someone would just take her aside, shake the crazy talk out of her and then just throw her at the (tres hot) boy.

But it's ok... She sorted it out and all is right in the world...

It was all so adorable *sigh*

You are an absolutely brilliant writer. No joke.

9/4/2009 c22 LocalYokel
Ok I am loving this story more and more!

you just keep mentioning some of the things I'm really into like napolean dynamite ( I have a napolean pen that says the quotes from the movie when you push a button on it) AND FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS! I love bret and jemaine! I had a full on 'I love FOTC' conversation with this guy from New Zealand who I met in Prague on a night out on st patrick's day! Just brilliant.

So anyway, this chapter helped distract me from dentist pain/numb face so THANK YOU! Haha :)
9/3/2009 c16 LocalYokel
Ok so I just came across this story yesterday and I am absolutely LOVING it. I read 'hiring a hooligan' aswell and I just love how both protagonists from that story and from yours are so eccentric and crazy!

Some other things you mentioned just made me love this story even more like the whole using British slang (bellend) - I'm a Brit and use that word on a regular basis haha! AND you mentioned arctic monkeys who are one of my favourite bands ever. I kind of pride myself on being a devout fan of theirs (and I want to marry alex turner) and I live about an hour away from their hometown too :D

ALSO I love how you describe the mum in this because I can completely relate to it! My mum is bloody scary and me and the siblings do the whole 'shutup and act like a dumbarse' until she's done lecturing. AND I get shouted at for speaking in English when I'm at home. Except I'm not Samoan, I'm originally from Kashmir so I have to speak in Urdu when I'm home from uni or on the phone to the parents...

Wow that was a long ramble and a half...

Basically, I LOVE YOUR STORY. I don't know if you still check your reviews but I just thought I'd leave one to say you're pretty damn awesome at writing! Keep it up!

8/25/2009 c31 lildevil123
i dont know if ive already reviewed this story...but anyway, i just reread this and it was AMAZING! i laughed SO much esp at the argument in chapter 13. Your writing style is amazing, and i loved the random facts and all (how did u get all that anywayy?)...you took a cliche of the rich guy making a bet to make the freak girl fall in luv with him and then she finding out and wanting in on the bet and then they fall in luv and live (not so?) happily ever after and made a really amazing story with it...and you got the end just perfect! its more believable coz they're not the perfect couple and still make snide comments and fight...

Anywayy, your story was AWESOME...and now onto the Preacher's Son...

btw, u rock! now go write more!

a majorly crazy fan

8/23/2009 c1 5christinaxxyo
Kara kinda annoys me but I like her personality at the same time. It's refreshing :) I also like Burr, he seems really sweet LOL :D Anyways, awesome start to the story.
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