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1/3/2009 c28 20Twilight Starr
Good chapter. It was a fun read. I look forward to reading more.

~Twilight Starr
1/2/2009 c31 Ameliaaaa
hello...I LOVE YOUR STORY! IT IS TOO AMAZING for words! And Jay is now my dream guy! just thought you'd like to know
1/2/2009 c31 3pandorka42
You are officially my hero! Kara is the most enticing character I have ever followed through a story and I'm happy to say that you rock for creating her. (Hee hee: rock). ;)

12/31/2008 c31 alittleglikecupcake

This story was a really good read and I enjoyed it start to end. You wrote it well, and I was laughing all the way through. Thanks for the fun. ")
12/30/2008 c31 michala
um...all i have to say is that this story was AMAZING! I actually stayed up all night reading this; it is awesome awesome awesome! Love the plot, characters, and all the craziness..woot
12/30/2008 c1 018108
Finished, finally! Man your ending, seriously irony much? Pure classic I reckon. Bro your a legend. Haha. At least in my books. Reading from my last review, I think I said that there weren't many qualities that I could relate to Kara with. But actually reading the rest of your fic, I realised that there's more in common we share than I thought. For instance the whole 'swimming' issue. So can relate to it. I suppose to palagi's it's not a big deal if you can't swim. But they've never had to face the humiliation of being thrown in the sami and then laughed at afterwards because of your near drowning experience (true story). I suppose it comes down to an ego or pride thing really. And as you and I both know, Samoans are VERY prideful people. So not knowing how to swim is ludicrous. The only given excuse my cousins and elders used on my lack of swimming skills was 'that's what happens when you raise your kids on the mainland. Too much fia palagi.' Well of course the minute I touched down on good ole homeland Auckland, I took up swimming lessons. Unfortunately now my kid brother is going through the same thing. The idiot went swimming for a school excursion and nearly drown trying to impress his friends by diving in the deep end. Now the ai valea is scared sh**less of water. Seriously kids aye.

What else? Oh the money issue too. I understand Kara's actions. I guess to others they could come off greedy and selfish. But in a world like ours, as much as we don't like to admit it. Money DOES make the world go 'round. Or at least it pays the rent/bills. Bro Kara's just your regular island hustler. Haha. Gah, her little sister Maria. Man she is the epitome of everyone islanders worst nightmare. Siblings gotta hate them as much as your forced and obligated to love them. Haha. But bro good on her for the punch she threw aye. Seriously, it's okay as a kid to be ignorant but you might as well beat it out before it's stuck permanently in their narrow minded brains. It's just sad that there are people out there who still think like that. Tsk tsk.

Hmm, ah yeah I'm so on the same page as Kara with her not letting her mum know about the Jay (boy) issue. Seriously Samoan mums are the freaking grudge. They can scare the shit out of anyone. I had the same problem when I was still in school. If I so much as looked at a boy (never mind that it was a cousin) my mums first reaction is to reach for her trusty (and conveniently near by) salu. And now that I'm hitting the big 21 and working full time, the blasted woman's constantly on my back about getting a boyfriend. She thinks I've only got two options, the way I'm headed. Becoming a nun or (and this is where my mum shudders and starts praying in Samoan) a lesbian. Haha. And because she knows my dislike for anything religious related (bad experiences with church pastors, church pastors wife, church pastors daughters, church pastors son etc ... you get the gist) not adding to the fact that she likes to turn a blind eye to my recent announcement of becoming an agnostic, she knows for sure nun is off the cards. But believe me, I like my guys just as much as the next girl but can I help it if I wanna stash up my dosh first? I'm sure Kara would understand my predicament. Besides I kinda like keeping my mum in the dark about my saiga fella. I've never been into island guys, I guess like Kara it's not necessarily about race. Sometimes you just click with others better than most. Plus if my mum knew I was dating a saiga, you and I both know what would happen. Swear samoans are what keep telephone companies going aye. Lol.

I have a lot of respect for Jay. In all honestly I hadn't expect him to wait around for Kara to come to her senses. (Or am I thinking along the lines of how Samoan guys would react in that kinda situation?). Nah but I really liked how it turned out in the end. Still a bit hazy on the Jess and Will. I'm assuming for now they're doing their own thing? Fair enough I guess. Deacon? Ah well one would expect as much from a afakasi aye. Hahaha, joke! And Burr, good ole Burr. What girls wouldn't do to have a guy like Burr around. Him and Erin, um what's the phrase palagi's use? Oh yeah, Burr and Erin 'compliment each other well'. They remind me alot of one of my own close mates and her partner. Can't imagine one without the other. Um grammar/spelling wise? A few mishaps here and there, but probably just typo's so no big. And seriously I expected some kinda cliche overused storyline but I'm glad you kinda gave it it's own twist so it wasn't so much another high school love story. (Boo high school music!) Haha. Anyways I'm sure that about wraps it up, anything I missed I'm sure I mentioned in my equally long PM haha. Sorry got a little carried away lol.

Ia manuia le kerisimasi (my bad, 6 days late) ma le tausaga fou.

12/26/2008 c4 GiraffesKat

I'm lovin' Burr, he's so ahh I don't know

I like him.

Well, let me keep reading -_-
12/26/2008 c31 8PandasAreCute
Aw I absolutely LOVE it.

They are so adorable together.

Loving the ending, how you bring back so much from the begining of the story. =)

I can't believe it's finished. I'm going to miss them. :(

Think I might sit and re-read it.

Well done to ya though, it's definitely a story I'll never forget. =)
12/26/2008 c30 PandasAreCute
Ah, finally.

Absolutely adorable.

I thought it might be a bit more dramatical or longer but I prefer it this way.

And I'm glad you kept it all in one chapter.

They are so cute, just perfect together.

You can see how they've both changed each other as well.

Jay reaction was brilliant too, the fact he just put up with it and was patient, really showed how he like, understands Kara.

I love it, can't believe it's nearly finished!
12/26/2008 c31 Serena
I'm so relieved that this wasn't a normal cliche where the bet was over or something then they realized that they've fallen for each other. I like how the female was strong and independent.
12/25/2008 c27 14DreiIchigoxAngel
I loove it. Burr is like my fav person love em
12/23/2008 c14 XXVantestiaXX
I just wanted to let you know that I really like the story so far. All of the characters are very unique. But I have to say that I dont like Jess that much. To me she seems like a stuck bi* that goes after guy after guy that are closest to Kara, it also seems to me that Jess just uses Kara like Will said. Other that that i really like your story! (sorry if you took offence(sp?) in my review)
12/21/2008 c31 23Jexa
This is one of the best stories that I have read on fictionpress. Thank you for writing it.
12/20/2008 c16 018108
Hey there! Jesus where do I start? Generally I hate doing reviewers because I have a tendency to prattle off a little, okay maybe alot. Lol. But that's just in my nature of giving my thorough if not well thought out opinion. So anyway I actually stumbled across your fic by pure accident. Well I breezed by it at least 8 times before I actually clicked on it. Haha. It was only because the word 'Samoan' at the top of your summary that caught me eye which in turn led me to be intrigued into reading the first few lines. They say the first line of a book should pique or intrigue a readers interest. And boy was I hooked. Initially I read it purely because I thought I could relate to Kara. Because of my being Samoan and all. However after a couple of chapters or so, I realised Kara and myself are as far fetched in similiarities than with any other islander I know of. Her environment, for which I refer to the amount of palagi's she hangs around is so different to my environment. Which in typical island fashion mainly consist of islanders, Samoans, Tongans, Fijians alike. I never felt comfortable being in a group of more than 3 palagi's, most especially if I was the only islander. Blame my upbringing I say. But of course I say this excluding the exception of my best mate of 13 years Mitch. This palagi kid 3 houses down from mine who befriended me when my parents decided to tear me away from my beloved Auckland abode to this stink (improving slightly) country called Australia. I think my having a palagi best mate is about the only common thing I share with Kara. That and that I drive around only on a L's license. But I'm sure most, if not all, islanders can relate to that ;)

Words cannot describe how entertaining this fic has been so far. I'm only up to chapter 17 so far, (I decided to stop and review before my brain gave out). And you know what I just realised? I sound like a damn palagi in this review. Haha. My mates and family get so inoino when I start speaking like, (as they to refer to) 'a bookworm'. But hey so I'm a 20 year old islander who likes Harry Potter and currently has all 7 books safeguarded in my room. Shoot me.

But Kara seriously is just adorable aye. She reminds alot of my little brother. Who actually has the same problem of sprouting random facts during the most random, if not inconvenient times. (One time he was getting a hiding and he started on one his - 'Did you know ...'). Yeah my little brother does that, everyday he comes home from school and he's like, 'Did you know that America won the war of independance'. Dude we live in a Australia and my kid brother likes to refresh his mind with facts about the Yanks. (I've never been a fan of America, I'd die a happy girl never setting foot in that country). But seriously my kid brother must of been a palagi in his before life. Even my parents admit that my brothers a tad bit off of your typical Samoan kid :D

Okay getting off track, see what I mean by 'tendency to prattle off'? Haha, you must think I'm some kind of whack job from down under, who just happens to be a FOB. Hmm do you fellas still use that term FOB? I haven't been down to NZ for years now. I know traitor but I'm so use to the heat over here that NZ's infamous cold weather is enough to keep me away. Haha. But anyway your story. Hm. Yeah I like Kara, find Jay tolerating (for a palagi that is). Will a little clingly if not indenial. Burr my kinda company. Jess? Well I've always avoided the typical palagi's who have the stereotype of a 'slut' so Jess is kinda ish with me. She's just kinda there in the story. Deacon meh, typical afakasi styles that kid. And anyone isn't really relevant enough to the story to be mentioned. All in all your story is just too fucking hiliarious (sorry I'm a swearer and proud). I give you props though, I've always wondered what it'd be like to write a fic involving Samoan characters. I write strictly anime fics (shoot me but I live on that anime shit). So far you've done well. Love the Samoan/island references i.e. 'Never mess with an islander'. So true because we breed like rabbits you know? Haha. But anyway I'll cut it here aye, I think I've about overused my space as a reviewer. Lates bro, I'll review again when I eventually finish this fic. I'm actually a fast reader but work and family (mainly my mum yelling at me to fulu the ipu's all the damn time) get in the way. Haha.


PS - Again sorry about the length, but hey I did warn you! Lmao.
12/20/2008 c10 5Lady Silverhawk
I'd love for Will and Jess to get together. ^-^ I think they'd be cute. But I'm not too sure about Jay and Kara...hm... *pondering*
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