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12/20/2008 c31 Avidreader222
wow, i dont even know what to say. i have laughed more from this story than any in the past! kara cracks me up, i really really wish it wasnt the end! you need to write a sequel! will kara and jay be in deacons story? oh, loved the ending by the way!
12/19/2008 c31 Arya Yamamoto
Beautifully written, funny as hell, and wonderfully unromantic - in a romantic way- although some of the facts were a little disturbing and annoying.

I applaude you on a story well-writen! Absolutely loved Kara, she is smart, witty, and doesn't conform to social rules. But one thing that is kinda unreal: she is unattractive, but all her friends are the best speciments of the human species, and what's more, they are the real power in school whereas she is a nerd.

Other than that, love the cultural references [Kara's mom], friendships [Jess, Will, Deacon], sense of identity [NZ], and of course, the vivid characters' personalities. XD

All in all, great job! Really gave me a blast!
12/18/2008 c31 tnguyen
it took me two days but i read it all the way through...loved your diverse characters (in race as well as in personality)...the ahem, love? the spurred between the two characters happened very naturally and did not seem forced as most other romance novels are which is to say the development of the plot and the characters were excellent...there were not many typos at all so i was surprised to find you apologizing (that's how u.s. citizens spell it-well, i guess you of all people would know that haha) for it at the end of most(?) of the chapters...very excellent writing :D! the style in which you write is very clear and fluid...easy to rid but not boring at all haha the only thing i guess i could advise you is the placement of your commas in a few of the passages...but that is all...you're very talented and i'm somewhat disgruntled & jealous :P! ...jk ;)

p.s. i'm sorry but i think i will be saying 'ellipsis' (sp?) for the next few days when i find myself speechless...everytime i do so is compliment on how funny (i.e. great?) your story is :)
12/14/2008 c31 31Cupid's Jinx
-giggle- LOVED it!

...It took me two days to finish it, and it's currently 2:27am (okay, so techniacally three days), but finish it I did and loved every moment of it I also sure as hell did!

Thank you for helping my (albeit inadvertantly) procrastinating!

I hate Law...flipping subject.

-grins and waves-

Toodles, poodles!


12/14/2008 c31 sara
Hi I love this story so much that i wish it was a book so i could read it anywhere. Its very original and funny and the ending was perfect. Thanxs for writing this story, your a great writer and i can't wait to read some more of your stories!
12/12/2008 c8 u.no.u.need.the.goth.girl
i would have rung his brothes neck!
12/12/2008 c7 u.no.u.need.the.goth.girl
...for someone sloshed,Will thinks really logically!
12/12/2008 c6 u.no.u.need.the.goth.girl
That's weird, with Will and everything! I like Burr and his girlfriend though!
12/12/2008 c4 u.no.u.need.the.goth.girl
Dude, I love Kara. If she was real, she would seriously be my best friend. I have someone like that, but she doesn't spurt such cool things like this one does...but she's mine, so i guess i should love her...

oh, and before i go of onto a tangent, i love this story!
12/12/2008 c3 u.no.u.need.the.goth.girl
Dude, this story rOcks socks!
12/11/2008 c31 Jenn
It's over. It's finally over.

But I loved the way you end it. Awesome ending for an awesome story! xD
12/11/2008 c31 1failwithpride

luv ya story.

i like the ending a lot ...


congratz on finsihseg it!


12/11/2008 c31 24Ravina
Wow: A Scottish interjection, a natural expression of amazement.

So yeah, in case the above hasn't clicked, your story was just unbelievably "wow"! I think more than the plot itself, I enjoyed reading all the facts and tidbits you managed to fit in; I'm astounded that you managed to make them all relevant too! (Yes, that's jealousy you hear. Ahem.)

I love Kara's craziness!

Oh, and one thing that I felt you didn't explain was the reason Deacon kissed Kara...or maybe you did, and I missed the part because I was reading this story into the night instead of studying for exams. Hmm...

Great read! Write more!

- Rebekah
12/11/2008 c31 Guest
wow... that was awesome! This is the best story i've read in a while! it was hilarious and nice plot-line..quite original. great job and keep it up! :D
12/11/2008 c8 doodle girl
totally want jay to win her :)

love the story keep it up!
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