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12/2/2008 c2 d0rkifi3d
NEW reader!

I just started and just finished chapter 2. Just wanted to say really like this story :D
11/28/2008 c29 Bookwormstrangly

So i dig this stroy!

Umm ima likin thisjay dude allot yeah!

Update soon eyy!
11/25/2008 c29 obsessivecompulsivehobbit
Hey girl! I can't even believe how much I've missed this story! And I think (probably rather arrogently) that I was one of the first ones to tell you that I thought that Kara would break Jay's heart at the ball, was I not! Aww! I feel like I've come at the time of the biggest cliffy and I'm already praying that since exams are long over, you'll be getting on the last chapter stat! And since the epi has already been written, it won't take long for that to come out either eh? I hope I'll think of something profound to say about your work, when it's closer to the end, because all I can think about is how much I wanna know what happens, and if you don't bring Kara and Jay together, how much effort I'm gonna put into hunting you down and threatening you till you do. Auckland ain't that big a place girl...

Anyways, I've been a complete bi-atch and am still meaning to reply back to your emails. I've spent the better part of the last 6 months ignoring both my email accounts and facebook for that matter (have you joined that yet?)! So it's still slow in coming, but I promise I'll get to it. AND OMG! So I'm not the only person who thinks this country is going to hell becase the slimy bast-ard Key has got his greasy palms on our Beehive. Doesn't he just look like a gimp on the 'world stage'? How will any other global power take us seriously anymore? I wanted to vote for Aunty Helen (lol, loves it!), because she would've added 100 new places to the medical school, but since I knew she'd have no hope of winning, I didn't want to waste my vote. So I thought I'd vote for the Greens because they actually care that our planet is nearing the point of no return and actually intend to do something about that, but since I didn't actually know who was a part of the party, I didn't want to risk it. So suffice to say I didn't leave the house. I heard that Bill and Ben though got more then 5% of the vote - which even the Maori party couldn't get! I think it just shows the unique-ness of the people here. My friend just wonders how they even got on the ballot, I mean they're only 2 people!

Okay, before I forget there's this really amazing writer's work I've been following (Tijan) and I saw RLM as her only Favourited story! She's almost as amazing as you are, so for once, instead of plugging your work to the masses, I thought I'd plug her's to you. I'm reading both Brady Remington Landed Me In Jail and A Whole New Crowd. Okay, my reviewing window is screwing up again, so typing is nearly impossible, so I'll talk to you properly in an email some other time. =P Plus if you wanna know who sings that new vodefone ad song, it's Pearl and the Puppets. Check 'em out on Myspace Music, if you like that song, she's actually really good. Very Regina Spektor. KK I'm out, before the up and down bouncing of the screen does my head in! Until next time! =)
11/25/2008 c14 Frozen.by.Sloth

I was just reading your story (not to be redundant), and I must say I enjoyed it a lot, so far.

Every chapter made me laugh, and I'm thoroughly entertained by your characters, their quirkiness and events which took place till now. I'm not even going to comment on the whole 'fact-spewing' trait she has.

I think Burr's my fav char, though :)

However, as I'm reading this, everything seems just a bit too much. I don't know, it just seems a bit unrealistic that she's that childish and never serious. It's one thing to be quirky and somewhat oblivious, but she's on a whole different level. I can accept her being different and the whole deal, but her being completely convinced Jacob's gonna kill her is a bit over-the-top.

I think...
11/24/2008 c29 11acatsrain
I love this story, its orginal and unique and... awesome. And yes... my stats aren't working either and as much as I'd like to think it'll be fixed its been like that for... a good couple of weeks now so... who knows.

I hope you finish this soon. Its hilarious and I love how its not absorbed in only the main characters but has plenty of moments when there's comedy... that has absolutely nothing to do with either of them... and has obviously had to be planned out. I hate seeing stories that only focus on one thing, its not life. Theres family, friends, random weirdos... not just love.

Anyway (though I think there wasn't enough jealiously or violence... I kind of still want her to get into a one-sided fist fight with Jay... for my own twisted amusement) I really do hope you update soon. As for now... I have two big papers to finish tonight and only about eleven, including my precious slepping hours, to finish them. So I should begrudgingly go...
11/23/2008 c29 2Entice
o...Kara is going to kill him isn 't she =D
11/21/2008 c8 16Plej
I wuv this story. I would like to make an insightful review, but... I'm tired, so laterz perhaps! But a comment on an earlier moment when Kara was searching Burr's pockets for twinkies. What I imagined was an anime character from OHSHC, Honey (small, cute, but still super strong) when he would bother Mori (big, burly, and the silent type) It was so adorable!
11/21/2008 c29 2Dark-Passion67

No, this is not supposed to happen!

Jay better go after her...gr

Can't wait for the next one:)
11/21/2008 c29 anne
i was kinda surprised and (and also not) that jay was the one who confessed first. does that make sense? bah it's 3:30 in the am and I am still awake! bah! anyways, sad to read that there will be no sequel. but that is alright. I think i would like to read this again - once this fic is completed. I would like to read everything in one go.
11/20/2008 c29 Jenn
YES! He finally confessed..but I kinda felt sorry for him 'cause he got rejected by Kara in front of everyone. I bet he never gets rejected. Haha.

God,now I'm dying to know what happens next! I'm guessing that they'll gettogether by the next chapter seeing as it is the last chapter?

Too bad though that it's going to end...I don't want it to!xD
11/20/2008 c29 Imthamuthaflippin
God...I hope everything works out well! This is getting intense!
11/19/2008 c29 9YoursMarilyn
i freaking love this story.
11/19/2008 c29 goodshirt
Oh man that was a good chapter! *thumbs up* I do love Kara and Kay together :P Honestly, regarding Deacon and Kara? I don't really like how Deacon acts with her, so not a K/D shipper :P
11/19/2008 c29 Frankie
YES, he finally admits that he likes her...but now, I really want to know what happens next.


I absolutely LOVE your story.
11/19/2008 c29 34Ruby Black
hey, so...please update soon...
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