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1/15/2012 c31 1Vidavril
This story is AWESOME. I couldn't stop reading. You are simply brilliant. Your character development is way too good. You should publish it!

Sorry if there's any typos (as you name them). I'm Spanish!
11/14/2011 c28 1aflkjdsa
Is it weird that i knew the pants fact from the back of a shampoo bottle?
11/2/2011 c31 4wakeyourdreamz
Yeowww. Read it again, it was bank bro.

Loooove Jay, but I think I love Burr more, there's just something about him. Kara is a bit fukt, but yano, can't win them all aye.

Also, I can't remember what chapter it was, sorry, but the one where you mentioned the bird on the twenty dollar note?

It's the Kaarearea, with the accent above the a. You had Kareearea (:

Anyway, sig out [:
10/27/2011 c1 Skyless16
Omg i love her already!
10/21/2011 c31 Bianka
please write a sequal to this book about them i love it :D
10/15/2011 c31 8DorkExpress
Dude, this was funny and cute and you made me snort- yes, SNORT! When you said in an AN, I do not own Trump's hair. Dude! That was so funny!

10/2/2011 c31 i-wish-i-had-wings
the ending was PERFECT!

i don't think i would have liked kara IRL but reading about her made me really like her. i must say that i loved that she had make-out sessions with will, deacon and jay, but that only jay really liked her in the end. i don't like to read about heart-ache and one person being left out =p

the funniest moment to me was when she sung "I got the power" in chapter 24, that had me laughing for quite awhile, i could hear her do it xD

i must say that kara's mum scared the sh*t out of me! i'm so glad i don't know anyone that is remotely like her o.o; her personality is just.. and i didn't like the fact about it being ok to discipline children in a physical way. where i'm from (sweden) there's a law that states that as abuse. i don't think you need to raise a hand against a child, you reason or have them respect you in other ways. my mom's smacked my bottom once in all my life, and i don't know what i did to deserve it, but it must have been something quite awful. i do remember the shame of it though. sorry about the rant, it's just viewed as really wrong here and i could personally never imagine myself ever harming a child.

deacon made me really angry that time when he kissed kara, what a pig! i'm glad she was able to put him in place and still keep him as a friend, i know i wouldn't have been able to, but i'm a bit of a feminist . he actually reminded me quite a bit of puck in glee =)

burr was one of my favorite characters, he was just so...burr ^-^ i didn't really care for pete or danny to be honest.

jay was pure evil the first time we saw things through his eyes, but i must say he really grew on me. i'm really glad they got together, though i must say i'm very curious of what the "humiliation" was supposed to be, just him saying that it was aprank and that he never liked her, or something more?

well, thank you very much for posting this, it made my day! "i got the power!" xD
9/10/2011 c1 2dakotahill
DUdeee! i was in a great need to read a good romance so i just came back to re-read this and i just have to say...you.are.amazing. God knows how you do it, but the dialogue and just how you write is sooo good. And i've been meaning to ask you, where in the world do you get all those random facts Kara and Jay say? are you just amazingly gifted with knowledge or what? because the way they all seem to tie in with what's happening is realllyy cool..anywho, just wanted to say that you're amazing..and when you're famous? don't forget me. Please and thankyou.
9/10/2011 c31 Whatsoever
I love the ending! Haha, it cracked me up! She will never learn. I loved your story. Once in a while you come across a really great story on fp, yours is one of those :)
8/21/2011 c5 live.laugh.brenda
I finally got it! This story has been nagging at me since I started readig it and I just figured out why: it reminds me of Sherlock Holmes! Especially that part about how she seems to narrate right before the actual fight.

(I love Sherlock Holmes by the way)
8/18/2011 c4 denyinginsanity
I love burr...he makes me happy. I'm way too early into the story but burr and K are so cute in a platonic way. I want a best friend like that.
8/10/2011 c9 midorinohime
I find it so amusing that eventhough Kara is such a weirdo, Jess still understands everything she says! XDDD This is sooo fascinating! ^_^
8/3/2011 c31 3rubberduckysabc
Damn girl you sure know how to write a story. A Mighty long one at that too. :) I loved Kara's voice through out the story and i could hear it in her POV. Cheers.
8/2/2011 c1 stephaniee
loved it :)
7/22/2011 c31 1je-kay24
Always did love a happy ending. :D
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