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7/2/2011 c31 CupsofTea
I laugh out loud, my parents and sisters look at me like I've grown another head...just another day I read a hilarious story.

It was freakn hard not to laugh when I was in class reading this, I would've been in deep sh** if I had.

I'm from kiwiland too, so I can relate a lot to the 'lingo' they use.

I found it funny that Karas mum grew bananas in our climate.

I love the fact that you didn't try to change things about how they spoke to fit in with america's own 'lingo' , as I know some people do,and that I could understand every bit of it without having to look it up because I ain't no americano...yeah...

Anyways, I love jay, and deacon, AND Will, Jess got on my nerves sometimes, Anna I found was funny, how she was the pastors son yet did those types of things, even though I'm not religious I found it funny how they all had different morals, Karas mum didn't particularly like white guys, didn't like her daughter to be with guys, but let deacon sleep in with Kara,

and how kara was so into keeping by the bible and praying, yet she lied and was violent and all that other shiz, you seriously made me lol a lot,

I haven't been able to find a worthwhile story in FOREVER, then I saw this and it was amazing.

Paki paki! Wait, that's how you spell it, right? ... I've never been good at Te Reo...

A way with words, I tell you, a magnificent gift you should be proud of giving yourself:D
6/24/2011 c3 TheLike
I forgot how much I liked this story.
6/18/2011 c30 jellyxgumballs
wow i love this story

though karas a bit similar to the girl in hiring a hooligan dont you think?

even so, i reckon it was beautifully writtenn
6/16/2011 c31 Sisi
wow, you are a genius! i loved this whole story, the characters, the samoan parts, the random facts-EVERYTHING! you really should keep righting because you have a gift :)

ok i just wanted to share my thoughts :D

6/10/2011 c31 3sanitary pad
I really enjoyed myself reading this, despite the minor errors here and there. (Pet peeve of mine, but well the things you come up with are way too awesome :)) I love Kara's character and how she spouts random facts and sayings whenever she feels awkward or to piss people off or just for the heck of it. She's a really unique character, and I'm glad I got the chance to stumble across Rocked Like Me to read about her. And, I must say, I think I've learned quite a fair bit of facts and sayings from her ;) Alright then, thank you so very much for this wonderful read!
6/8/2011 c31 104FunkyFlower
I absolutely adore this story :) it was so unique! And kara is a great character, although i was sometimes frustrated by her inability to act 'normal' - then of course i realised that that was exactly what makes this story so different. I must admit, having read the story in one go, that it dragged a bit. The highlight for me was the pool incident really, but i REALLY loved the last chapter and the idea that she throws a rock at another guy was awesome :D

Anyway enough blabbing! Loved it, thanks for writing :) xxx
6/6/2011 c31 1Rose Melissa Ivashkov
What can I say? Where to start? This story is awesome. No questions about that. I love Kara. Although some people consider her extremely weird...she is f-ing badass! There should be more people like Kara in the world and all the stuck up rich losers like Danny and Erica should go to hell. Jay was funny as well. Kara and Jay make up the weirdest yet most awesome couple I've ever read about.

Your writing is fabulous. And those random facts-I learned a few things here and there based on those facts. Anyway, this had to be the most amusing and badass story I have read on FictionPress. I found myself constantly cracking up. Really, person, you do not disappoint, and you wouldn't even if you tried!

5/30/2011 c4 3peacelovejay
I think I love Burr. He is loyal, ruggedly handsome, and gives away food... what's not to love?
5/28/2011 c3 2lizlively
so far this story has a fantastic start...i kept laughing and laughing! Kara is hilarious and i love how she yells out random facts when she doesn't know what to say or how to react. So far, the story seems so unlike all the others i have read on this site and I am looking forward to being able to read more :)
5/27/2011 c31 strangledice
Great story!

I love Kara so much. She's so cool. Jay is the sexiest man in your story. lol. They are adorable.
5/26/2011 c31 2RoxxorzBoxxerz
WELL! That was interesting. Loved the plots the character... just Everything!
5/25/2011 c12 Me
I'll be honest, I'm feeling sort of isolated from this story now. I connected really well early on, but now the constant random facts seem too heavy handed and I tend to just skip right over them, also- the continual reminders that the main character is Samoan and the use of the language is just creating a wall that is blocking me from being too involved. I can't relate to the Samoan language or culture because I'm not Samoan. I think you're isolating a good deal of your audience this way, I'm still reading but I'm not really as involved as I was in the beginning.

If a character is from a certain culture, of course you can tell us but the use of the language or reminders every few paragraphs is fairly redundant.
5/25/2011 c5 1kermallyte
Loving this story.. even if it is set in New Zealand (boo new zealand.. no offence but im a loyal Aussie all the way).

Seriously great job, love Kara- shes so endearing lol
5/25/2011 c31 Kiwi
Good to see a New Zealand story out there. REPRESENT BRO! Love the story, especially the way you wrote in 'Jay' because i thought it was perfect. Is it stereotypical to say im writing this while eating fish and chips? Lets face it Kiwis are the bomb~
5/11/2011 c31 3Cindy Marie
i LOVED it!
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