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for Seraph

3/14/2010 c3 1xXliarliarXx
Great story so far! :)

Check out my supernatural/romance story When The Sun Goes Down.
7/30/2009 c3 8aurora borealis
Interesting story. I like the universe.

Question: Why on earth did she have to go to the future *right now*, when she has over 130 years to train and get better?

You write well. I can't wait to read more. :)
7/20/2009 c3 Mayuka
I really do like this story! Please update again soon!
6/17/2009 c2 Mayuka
This is really good. Interesting story. Please update soon! You got me hooked already! :D
2/29/2008 c2 25V de V
Ah, interesting? You see, I am not a huge, huge fan of fantasy. It may take me a while to get into your story, but I am sure you have some master plot all figured out.

Unusual to have a half-demon, half-angel child. If there was not anything more lined up, I would just write a story around that concept.

Bending time? Oh, this will toy with my physics nicely. Haha.

Sad about Nathan. And three centuries later?

Well, please write more. There are a lot of unanswered questions. And thank you for your review.
5/29/2007 c2 6Carmel March
This chapter gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I loved it :) You've got strong, realistic, and likable characters. Excellent dialogue. A sufficient amount of description. You've also got that whole supernatural aspect going for you. Good job on this, and I can't wait for more!

5/5/2007 c1 Carmel March
An excellent start to the story :) I love the storyline and the idea of it all, and your writing is wonderful. Hope to see more soon!

4/1/2007 c1 6Shadowed and Shattered
I love this story, even though I've said that before. I review even if I've read it. I haven't read the next chapter yet, as I had to get off the computer. I'm going to read it soon, and then I'll send it back to you.

Still love this story. I enjoy repeating myself. Hm... I should work on that.

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