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8/7/2007 c20 1Fleeting Moment
I'm so happy with this chapter they are soo perfect for each other! UPDATE!
8/3/2007 c17 3Michelle Richard
Poor Kennedy! I'm glad that Harrison knows about her brother know. Are you planning on letting the other boys in on the secret?
8/3/2007 c16 Michelle Richard
I'm glad we are seeing more of Kennedy's roommate.
8/2/2007 c19 iheartcarebears
I really like your story it's real creative and Kennedy and Harrison make such a cute couple it's so sweet update soon

8/2/2007 c19 82Doxology
Great chapter. I can't wait for the trip chapter coming up next. Update soon.

Peace and Love

~ does anyone park here?
7/29/2007 c19 11Living.My.Life.My.Way
ohk. i loved the chapter. i just had one problem. kennedy was all depressed and suddenly she was happy again. things wouldnt happen that fast in real life. so yeh. not trying to b mean...so yeh. plez dnt take it that way.
7/29/2007 c19 9Stahlut
This was so awesome, and it took me forever to read. due to mass ammounts of school work. anyway i loved it, and i really cannot wait to read more.
7/27/2007 c19 1PurpleEyesOfTruth
Wow, I really like your story and I was so depressed when Nathan left. It's so sad about Peter, Nathan and Kennedy. Well, I'll be reading more!
7/27/2007 c19 xoxo1
yay, shes going on the trip

and thats good, she needs to relax

anything going to happen between harrison and kennedy anytime soon?

awesome chptr!
7/26/2007 c19 SuperCUTEJensen
great chapter...i love it...I want to see Harisson and Kennedy get together soon..they are so cute...cant wait for more..hope you update soon
7/26/2007 c19 1Fleeting Moment
HAHa! She's out of that funk! UPDATE!
7/26/2007 c19 OoohLookACat
okay who cares about the long waiT?

you got it out in the end :)

as for the chapter


harrison and kennedy are so cute

and harrison

buttface, but he's so sweet

brushing it off

and saying all those sweet things

can't wait for the next one!

7/26/2007 c19 3oh.look.a.bird.CHOCOLATE
YAY! you updated!

shes happy! and the boys are happy!

i cant to read about the trip. why was she sulking? i cant for things between her and Harrison to gwt better! i mean they are going to end up together, right? RIGHT? lol

im happy that you updated, and i cant wait for more

7/26/2007 c19 28invizygirl
the wait is forgiven cause it was a good update. really really cute. more soon pleze.
7/17/2007 c18 5Mass Genocide
I only have one suggestion for this chapter and that is that the goodbye with Nathan was too long and cheesy and most of it needs to be cut out. Sorry for the blunt criticism but I don't like sugar coating my words. Good luck?
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