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for Running away

7/12/2007 c18 2a girl named Charlotte
well i can't help but feel happy but...take ur time writing the story and i hope to see more in the future!
7/12/2007 c18 comicalxperfection
I got an account finally.

This story is the best in quite a while.

I have cried soo much and I hate you for that.

But, I can't really hate you. Because, this is a true

piece of work. It's not too detailed, or too dramatic, or even too mysterious.

Just the right amount of everything.

I must say, You are a very gifted person.

Take Care,

And keep up the AMAZING writing,
7/11/2007 c18 82Doxology
Great chapter. I really liked it, and now that Nate's gone, I'm not sure I like it as much as I thought I would.

Peace and Love

~ does anyone park here?
7/10/2007 c18 28invizygirl
aw cute. especially nate kinda giving his blessing to her new "relationship" good chapter.
7/9/2007 c18 9Stahlut
i realy liked this, and that last bit was really heart wrenching . i dont know why, but it kind of made me sad, and i actualy felt a tear. i guess memories like that have that affect. anyway i loved it and cannot wait to read more, do keep it up.
7/9/2007 c18 3PanegyrizeJesus
Wow. That last chapter was very well written! Well, they were all well written!.. but the last one actually brought tears. And I don't cry. The flashback was a great way to end the chapter. Very nice.
7/9/2007 c18 OoohLookACat


that was so sad

and yet so sweet

that was beautiful

i could imagine it in my head like a movie

and it was sad.

good work


i loved the chapter

7/9/2007 c18 6swoas
Yes, I am happy that nathan is gone & I hope that she realizes her love for Harrison soon.
7/9/2007 c18 3oh.look.a.bird.CHOCOLATE
i liked this chapter more memories...

you make me sad! how can her brother have died! i mean seriouly couldnt he just have been in like a coma or something. why did he have to die! well i know why it gives more emotions to the story but still!

yeah im rabbling!

on well good chapter

cant wait more !

7/9/2007 c18 citygrl
well if that wasn't an emotional chapter i don't know what was! it was excellent, so well written, but emotional nonetheless. i'm waiting for the aftermath though...
7/9/2007 c18 11Living.My.Life.My.Way
did u WANT to make me cry?

:'( that was so sad! but it was so sweet how the guys helped her. im mad at u now. u made me cry. idl crying. hmph. jk. loved the chapter.
7/9/2007 c18 1Fleeting Moment
AW, this is such a god story! I'M HEAD OVER HEALS! Is there more?(if so UPDAATE!)
7/9/2007 c18 xoxo1
yay, hes gone

but i still feel bad for her and kinda for him

but hes outta da picture for now

and ur ready to finish this story off?

no, there at least has to be a sequel after it
7/7/2007 c17 82Doxology
jeez, sorry it took me so long to review. I loved this chapter. It kinda sounded a little soapish and sappy or whatever, but I liked it. Surprising about Peter, too, and I'm glad we finally know. Anyways, I just love this story, and I can never wait for the next update.

Peace and Love

~ does anyone park here?
7/5/2007 c17 3Allison Smith
*bangs head against wall*

I'm going to strangle her. STOP RUNNING AWAY, DAMMIT

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