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7/5/2007 c17 9Stahlut
i love where this story is going, and i really hopw that you keep it so interesting. i talmost made me cry when i read that bit about Peter, it was just so sweet. anyway, Harrison telling her that he loved her was sweet. and i think he is awesome. so keep going i love it still.
7/3/2007 c17 2a girl named Charlotte
well...this is the first time i've reviewed really and i apologize for that, but to answer your question: i'd like Kennedy to get all the guys together in a group and tell everyone and for Nate to go home because it seems like he's holding Kennedy back from what she could have. that's all!

^-^ o yea. thanks for writing this story!
7/3/2007 c17 3oh.look.a.bird.CHOCOLATE

thats all i have to say. im shocked to silence. i cant believe it.


im so happy! i cant believe that happened. now that we have chase's feelings where they're suppose to be we ahve to work on kennedy, who stil THINKS not FEELS that she is in love with nate. this is totally and completely unfair to leave us haging like that! ken needs to think a little about her fellings.

well you left us hanging for more soo...yeah.

love chocolate
7/3/2007 c17 airrielle
This chapter was too melancholy for me, but I love it nonetheless. Poor Kennedy. ;_; I wish I had a brother like Peter.

Btw, I love your chapters. They're long and the way you write makes me jealous.

Anyways, KennedyxHarrison forever! (:
7/3/2007 c17 28invizygirl
aww it makes me luv peter. i think nate is being a little selfish so i'm all for a hunter/chase thing. i would really luv to see one of the guys chase after a girl that they're actually interested in and get rejected. it always seemed like their ego's needed that just a little. random thoughts from me. great chapter!
7/3/2007 c17 xoxo1
omg, he told her he loves her

ahh, why cant they just be together already?
7/2/2007 c17 6swoas
AGH! That chapter was so wonderful but it ended on a bad note! I like Harrison gosh darn it lol.
7/2/2007 c17 2Elfish Suicide
this is one of the bestest stories I've ever read, and I'm glad you updated so quickly. Light Sleeper by hawthorne heights is a good song for this. Update soon and reveiw my story!
7/2/2007 c17 1Fleeting Moment
7/2/2007 c17 OoohLookACat

that's a punch in the gut.

poor harrison

and woah

poor kennedy

that's so sad what happened to peter

no wonder she was feeling so horrible.


but i did love the chapter

and harrison

poor guy

rejections a bitch

i feel bad for him

just wanna hug him and tell him that she'll come around

can't wait for the next chapter


7/2/2007 c17 2Siana
I have to say, I personally believe Kennedy has gone through too much to be paired up with Nathan again. I just don't like that idea. I don't know about keeping her with Chase, although I do like that better than Nathan. I would probably like for her to end up with one of the four guys.
7/2/2007 c1 4Georgianna
Hmm this is very intriguing.

I really appreciate your description, but resist "She was a gorgeous blonde, about 5'8 and was unhappy because of her parent's death and was very mysterious."

Basically what I am attempting ot get across is that your writing is very tactful.

The setting is cliche, yet the characters are not.

7/2/2007 c17 citygrl
well that was interesting. great to know the background. really great. i like the pieces coming together. now i'm still not 100% sure your plan but what would i like to see happen? geez well how about nate dconvincing kennedy that she doesn't have to be in love with him forever and that he sees how much she loves chase. what about that? huh? yeah. that's what i thought. good plan. pat me on the back!
7/2/2007 c17 11Living.My.Life.My.Way
i loved the chapter! it made me cry.

i think ken should tell nate that she has built a new life and he should go back and live his life. and then ken and harrison should get together! hehe ken and harrison jst sound so cute together.

great chapter!

7/2/2007 c17 2Miraculous.Science
WONDERFUL! absobloodylutly wonderful! update soon! not sure what should happen next but cant wait to find out what really does happen
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