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5/14/2007 c10 5Holiday in Spain
Can't wait for the next chapter! ^^
5/14/2007 c1 5Mass Genocide
good story, i want to read the rest
5/14/2007 c10 FireFallon
Damnit why does Chase have to be such an ass to Kennedy...stupid boy you are throwing your soul mate away...GRR! This is why boys should not be allowed to open their mouths they need muzzles...*SIGH* update soon!
5/12/2007 c9 babixbunny
so no more philip? i liked him. can't they go on a couple of more dates?

ps for the last chapter: i adore max!
5/12/2007 c8 babixbunny
o mann drama
5/11/2007 c9 9Stahlut
oh the tension and drama is at a critcal level I need to read more. So keep it coming coz it is absolutely awesome. I love this story.
5/9/2007 c9 OoohLookACat

she tells spencer?


we don't get to hear about it?


but we will...


good chapter

poor kennedy.

her old life musta been hard.

5/9/2007 c9 3otter pop
Aww. Philip's gone? He was sweet... unti the end, I don't like how he got mad-ish. Gr. I was thinking in the middle of this chapter, 'when are we going to find out her secrets?' and then there you go, telling us we'll have to wait. lol. Okay, so... Good luck with finals! And update soon pwease! Lurve it!
5/9/2007 c9 3oh.look.a.bird.CHOCOLATE

cute ending

i totally love this story its so cute

cant wait 'till next chapter

very good cliff

keep writting
5/9/2007 c9 citygrl
now i'm not normally one to review but there was something about this chapter. i can't tell if i want kennedy with spencer or with harrison or if she'll even end up with either of them but i really do think she should. it's an interesting story, i'm enjoying it, a lot. and i'm not upset over philip going away for good, not at all. can't wait for more!
5/9/2007 c9 7Sunne
Oh oh oh! She's gonna tell him. Man, I love Spence. He's such a charmer and a sweetie. Loved the chapter too, I always do. But I'm exhausted and don't feel like going indepth so I'll save that for another chapter. Great job!

5/9/2007 c9 82Doxology
Oh why must you do this to me! Mega cliffhanger, with secrets to be revealed, and we WON'T know next chapter! *sigh*. I guess I'm okay. I hope your fianls go okay, but I also hope you can update soon.

Peace and Love

~ Lifted
5/8/2007 c8 brunettefrenchgirl
harrison and kennedy? That would be interesting^^ En fait, Dylan et harrison sont mes préférés, j'aime bien leurs personalités^^

5/8/2007 c5 brunettefrenchgirl
hey! so here we go with the french lesson; "bonjour mes chers étudiants, fait nous commencons?" hum that's not french...i think we say:" bonjours mes chers éleves, peut-on commencer?" but i think it's a little fake, we i think about it, i don't even think my teachers say "bonjours", "au revoir ou bonne soirée" okay, but never bonjour, that pretty rude because we, (students), say it...

bref, "Avoir un jour agréable" is i think a translation for "have a nice day' but that mean noting, you may say: "bonne journée!" that's natural (?), we say that (presque) all the time.

voili voilou (voilà en gros...) sorry for the grammar, i suck in english!

oh and "you kiss up" have many translation, politetly you say: "hypocrite", sinon, "faire de la lèche", ou "suceur" (assez vulgaire quand meme c'est plutot les mec qui disent ca,) "ou "sucer" bref,and many more.

5/8/2007 c8 9Stahlut
oh Ilike this chapter so I dont think you need to worry coz it is so good. ANYWAY I LIKE IT.
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