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5/7/2007 c8 OoohLookACat


i live for the stuff


can't wait for harrison's hungover reaction next chapter!

5/7/2007 c8 82Doxology
I thought this chapter was good. Not the best, but good. I do love that drama, too. Anyways, right now, I don't know why, but I'm really hoping she ends up with Max. I'm thinking Harrison might develop a 'thing' for her, though, and this dracuala guy seems kinda intersting, but I'd have to know more about him. Great job. Update ASAP.

Peace and Love

~ Lifted
5/7/2007 c8 3otter pop
I loved it! For some VERY STRANGE reason, I kinda like Harrison. Odd...
5/7/2007 c8 7Sunne
Man, drama indeed. During Harrison and Kennedy's fight I kept waiting for Harrison to say something REALLY bad...something about her family..eventhough he doesn't know...it seems like the thing he'd say if he didn't know. If you know what I mean. I liked this chapter and I loved the drama. I'm a sucker for drama. Well done and I'll be waiting for the next one. Oh...and do your homework! Hehe

5/6/2007 c7 82Doxology
I don't know...Kennedy kinda sounded more like a jerk than Harrison in this chapter. Maybe it was just the way I read it. Thanks for updating.

Peace and Love

~ Lifted
5/4/2007 c7 9Stahlut
really good I like how slowly we keep learning more about the characters and I cant wait to read more.
5/4/2007 c7 7Sunne
Yay! You updated fast this time. Awesome. I loved the little insight into Harrison we got this chapter. I knew there was a reason to his behavior. I loved the fight between Kennedy and Laura/Harrison. Drama...I love drama. Your writing was fantastic and I like how Kennedy is opening up to the guys. She needs them. I'm still waiting for when they find out about why she's so sad/angry...but I know you have to build up to that and I'm willing to wait.

5/4/2007 c7 OoohLookACat
so he isn't that much of a jerk

that's good.

harrison seems complicated.

and there's always something behind the complication.



it's good

i liked this chapter

can't wait for more

5/4/2007 c6 OoohLookACat

i like the concept.

shall keep my eye out for more =)

5/4/2007 c6 9Stahlut
I really do like how she is starting to open up, it really is great.
5/1/2007 c6 82Doxology
I actually think this was the best chapter yet. And if you are dragging it on long, then you're doing it just right, perfectly. Because, you can't rush into things, the story is much better the way you are doing it. Anyways, I have a feeling Harrison's gonna start to like Kennedy too...


Please update as soon as possible.

Peace and Love

~ Lifted
5/1/2007 c6 7Sunne
Loved it! I wish I had my very own Spencer. The very end where he hugged her was perfect and very well written. I think your pacing is perfect and it's definitely not dragging on. Slow plot builds like your story are what I really enjoy, they're more realistic. Harrison is definitely intriguing. I'd like to know what caused him to be so burned about people like Kennedy. He said something about trying to be friends with harsh people only resulting in getting hurt. I'd like to know what caused that. I got your review response and I'm glad my reviews are always helpful...I always try. Feel free to check out my stuff...but all of it is on hiatus for the moment because I'm working on a fanfiction right now that's taking up all my attention. Anyways, great chapter and I'll be looking forward to the next!
5/1/2007 c6 3otter pop
I love this story. It's really well written; I do hope we'll eventually find out what makes Kennedy so angry. And I can't wait for more Harrison, he seems like a prick, but I like him anyways.
5/1/2007 c6 FireFallon
Harrison's a jerk...but you know they have to end up together in the end. I still think he's going to open up to her, he's just worried that if he does she'll get under his skin and he's never had someone like that and it scares him. He's afraid to admit it to himself let alone to his friends and her. He's just a scared little boy putting up a front and Kennedy is just a scared little girl pretending to be strong. In the end Harrison is going to grow up and Kennedy is going to tell him what really happened in her past and they are both going to be there to help each other out. That's my prediction...this is a good story update sooner/faster, I can't wait to see what happens with this whole dynamic and don't worry you got your point across with the relationship(s) between the characters. Good job!

4/30/2007 c1 6iantoniali
Hey, I wubed it! x)

Awesome writing! Please, update soon!

Cant wait to read what happens next!


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