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for Running away

4/12/2007 c3 4stephy151
Brilliant Story!

I have fallen in love with this!

I love the way you make the characters emotions come to life!

I'm not sure what happened in her past but I'm racking my brain to figure it out!


He sounds totally sweet and adorable!

Can I have him?

Anyways keep up the wonderful work! Can't wait for the next one! Update soon!
4/12/2007 c3 FireFallon
I like this, I'm not going to lie, it was well written and you are way too critical on yourself. I can't wait to read more!

4/12/2007 c2 nouvel.espoir
Again, really great. It's been done before, sure, but I still really enjoy reading this sort of thing. So, another great chapter.

On to the criticism: Just a bit of rough diction, nothing big. And you need to put in a few line breaks, that's all. :)
4/12/2007 c1 nouvel.espoir
It is a good start! I'm planning on reading more, but you've got something good going here. :)

As for constructive criticism, you might want to watch your word tenses (conjugations and the like); it seems you get so caught up in writing you forget to put things like "ed" at the end of a verb. :)

Great start, I'm planning on reading the rest.
4/12/2007 c3 babixbunny
hm..the fact that spence is soo into kennedy, even if he doesn't know her, does seem kinda weird.
4/12/2007 c3 LazyAutumn
This is a really good story so far.

This chapter wasn't like the rest, wasn't bad though.

I actually liked it. Keep up the great work. ^_^
4/12/2007 c2 LazyAutumn
Love the story so far. It's really great.

I just adore Spencer..lol Keep up the great work.
4/12/2007 c2 babixbunny
why doesn't she try to at least look like everyone else. a little makeup.. a little food..and she'll look fine!
4/12/2007 c1 babixbunny
i like it!
4/12/2007 c3 3phelps112
it's not such a bad chapter. it makes sense. Kennedy has frustrated Spencer, but at the same time, made him think. All of which puts him in a foul mood, so he takes it out on his friends. It makes sense.
4/12/2007 c3 9Stahlut
ok I actually really like this story so keep it up, and I think that the characters have depth wich is goos so keep going and I can't wait to find out what happened to Kennedy.
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