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11/9/2007 c24 1counting starss
11/7/2007 c24 28invizygirl
aw that was soo cute! i luved it. excellent. update soon.
11/7/2007 c24 9Stahlut
I can not describe in words how absolutley wonderful that chapter was. It was amazing and sweet, and formed a genuine smile upon my face, drawing me out of my dreary exam ridden exsistence, which a feat most people cannot accomplish. It also hit close to home wioth the whole school thing, my last exam entails the end of my schooling which on friday, so it's really close, so that made me sad, I like being able to relate to things, and in that I was deffinately able to relate. The whole thing with Kennedy and harrison was so absolutley beautiful, I think they just make such a fine pair, like they complete eachother in a way there lives couldnt. And seeing as though I have been with this story for a while it relativeley makes me sad to think that it is over, and I hope you take up soemthing else becasue I would be more than happy to read it.

So yet again just a gracious vow to your brilliance for the ending of this story. It was absolutley brilliant I loved it.
11/7/2007 c24 3Essevera
Nice update :D
11/7/2007 c24 euphorictragedy
Awe, it's over... so sad but at least it was a happy ending. Thanks for writing this story and for not giving up on it. As a writer myself, I know how hard it is to finish a story. I haven't been able to in years. As for the epilogue, I want to know what happened to the gang after college- what they became. Of course I want to know if Harrison and Kennedy stayed together through college and what not. I also want to know what happens with Emma and Spencer. Oh, and Nathan. I want to know if he ever finds another girl. He deserves one.
11/7/2007 c19 ahahDUDE
before i read ch.18 i was getting ready for school

and then i read it and had to re-do all my makeup.

It was ridiculous. I was bawling.

Holy Crap.


Good stuff :)
11/7/2007 c24 citygrl
excellent. romantic. perfect. i want it to be my life. can't wait for the epilogue.
11/6/2007 c24 1violet-eyez
happy belated b-day. i like the ending
11/6/2007 c24 L
What happens to Dylan and the rest of the gang? do Ken and Harrison stay 2gether? are Spence and Em dating?
11/6/2007 c24 1PurpleEyesOfTruth
Aw... That was so sweet! COngrats! You're almost finished... Just an epilogue left!
11/6/2007 c24 1Fleeting Moment
THe chapter name describes it all! LOVED IT! UPDATE!
11/6/2007 c6 L
this was well written and a needed portion of the story, it sheds light on Kennedy's area of vulnerability and the strain of the lifelong friends, it is well written and well thought out I commend you for a job very well done
11/6/2007 c24 5princess.lame
Your best friend refuses to be your killing machine? Mine insists on being mine... lol.. He thinks he's a body guard. Actually, both of them do. :)

Loved it, cliche or not.
11/6/2007 c5 L
do you mean "bye" as DYLAN turned ans walked away in the begining portion? I don't remember Specer being in the conversation or even PRESENT? that one little name threw me but otherwize GREAT FANTASTIC and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! =D
11/6/2007 c2 L
this is very well written, I can't really find any fault with it except that I think in my opinion that Kennedy would be more upset and snappish at Spencer about the whole thing...just a thought
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