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4/19/2007 c6 4under the influence
very intriguing...
4/7/2007 c5 13Freaks for Jesus
There were vines crawling up the stone-layered walls, the walk was covered in an arcing trellis with ivy covering the sky above them. needs semicolon instead of comma

themis needs space
4/7/2007 c4 Freaks for Jesus
himat needs a space

he could have sworn she shouted into the phone. needs capitalization
4/7/2007 c3 Freaks for Jesus
tressed Judging needs a period

realize where he was at. might want to reword
4/7/2007 c2 Freaks for Jesus
how do you do that? you are amazing
4/7/2007 c1 Freaks for Jesus
sarah youre mahvelous
4/5/2007 c5 scotti

okay, I'm better now...just had to get that out of my system.

I loved this one...and the plot thickens...Poor Jesse, maybe his weekend won't be a total loss. Can't wait to find out more about his and Hannah's relationship.

I have to say it...I love the way you weave a story, girl. Your descriptions and converstaion seem so natural. I felt like I was sitting at the table next to Jesse and his sister, eavesdropping..spying. I had absolutely no problem picturing any of it in my head. You have such a wonderful talent, honey.

Well if you will excuse me, i think i will go and re-read the chapters again.

4/3/2007 c5 4under the influence
oh...drama...loving it :)
4/2/2007 c4 under the influence
more! more! more!
4/2/2007 c3 under the influence
well, I'm thoroughly confused...hehehe...
3/30/2007 c2 under the influence
3/30/2007 c4 scotti
Ok, first off I know that I’m supposed to be on a 'vacation' of sorts away from FP, but I had some spare time and couldn't resist reading your new story.

Imagine my shocked surprise when I got to the end of chapter four and went to click to the next one and there wasn't any. You did such a wonderful job at this so far that I absolutely got caught up in it. Kudos to you! I can't remember the last time I had that happen to me. By the way, I love the prologue…nice touch explaining things in real time.

The suspense of what happens next in Colorado Springs (the thing that awaits Jesse… as we all know) is killing me and you've done a fantastic job at creating/painting the characters and scenes too. Each of them has just the right amount of description and personality infused into them. I can’t wait to see how you collide the two ‘worlds’ together.

It should be obvious, but I will state it anyway….I can’t wait to read more. Hurry up chapter 5 and get here!

God Bless, Girl!

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