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1/21/2008 c18 crazystar0
OI! Wicked! wow! Updated AND finished... when will u start another one?

I love the way everything worked out in the end.. And the quotes were so nice!
1/20/2008 c18 1The Brilliance of the Mindless
Absolutely marvelous story! If there was any constructive criticism I could give, I would. However, at the moment, I can't think of any. My advice would be to keep writing, keep practicing, and keep producing entertaining stories.

1/20/2008 c18 11Tecna
Aww, that was a great ending to a great fic! I really enjoyed it. It's brilliant! I love the Luke and Nyla scenes they were so cool. Great chapters, I still don't know where you find the time to update but anyway, I'm glad you do. I can't believe it's over though. Will there be a sequel? A new fic? Something? Come on! I'm waiting for another one of your fics!

Oh and don't even look at me for a title, I'm hopeless with them! Better lucky next time! Hehe!

Tecna ;)

P.S. Why the heck can't I even finish one story? Arrgh!
1/20/2008 c18 aranel.raina

I really loved your story. scratch that. I really love your story!

Three updates in a row, what a treat! I'm sad it's over though... :'(

I must say, I'd thought of Nyla being a lot older than 14. she seemed more like 16-17. but I guess after all she's gone through, she must have matured really young.

I'm glad she gets a happy ending!

thank you so much! =)


PS I'm to tired right now to give any constructive criticism. sorry!
1/19/2008 c18 Hopelessly Clueless
Amazing chapter, and amazing story! It's over :( But it's all good! Write another! :D
1/19/2008 c17 Hopelessly Clueless
Aw! He's back, and they're together...sorta! lol It's cute how he said he liked her! Update soon! :)
1/19/2008 c16 Hopelessly Clueless
Great chapter! She came home and made mends with her Mum! Yay! Hopefully she does the same with Luke and Chaz! Update soon! :)
1/3/2008 c15 1The Brilliance of the Mindless
Your story is very interesting so far. I look forward to your update. :)

1/1/2008 c15 twyx
hm. Its a bit of a confusing chapter..
12/30/2007 c15 Hopelessly Clueless
Great chapter, love the ending about that guy and life is to precious...update soon! :)
12/30/2007 c15 11Tecna
I like the way you got them to interract and the way you have this story flowing smoothly. One chapter runs into the other perfectly. Also, this is a brilliant chapter, like the guy you added in, nice touch. Do update soon.

Oh and love the way you had Nyla sneaking up on them, that's not like you, but maybe I should watch out for you more... hmm!

I've got my eyes on you missy!

Tecna ;)
12/22/2007 c14 79Sorrowful Dreams
incredible chapter. i love this story already! O.O there aren't anymore chapters yet! ah!

12/22/2007 c13 Sorrowful Dreams
very good chapter. i wasn't quite expecting this kind of conversation but who am i to judge yes? lol very nice stuff

12/22/2007 c12 Sorrowful Dreams
ouch...totally not the way i saw those two going but hopefully it'll get better. great stuff!

12/22/2007 c11 Sorrowful Dreams
hm...i wonder if she will meet this sheryl person. and what then? lol i can't wait to find out!

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