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for Cheezy poem

4/18/2007 c1 Anthony your BIFFEL
Anthony wanted to say he liked your poem...Yah T_T anyways it KICKS BASS!


3/30/2007 c1 OcGirl2010
thats cute, you should definately give it to him
3/30/2007 c1 7Boo'Ya Moon
I'm a junior(guy), and if any girl gave me this, regardless of everything else, I'd go out with her, at least give "us" a try, that is really sweet. Good luck on Monday!
3/30/2007 c1 25Master Tananh
haha that's really good. You'll have to write a follow up poem on what happens after.
3/30/2007 c1 10BrokenHeartedAngel
OH YEA! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GIVE THIS TO HIM! its so sweet! i luv it!

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