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10/7/2007 c1 24ilovetheopera

i rather like this poem, i must say. especially the last three lines. they tie up the poem (which is kind of broken up, but in a way so that i'm feeling like how the persona is feeling) and provide a main concept to link everything together.

sort of reminds me of my dad's driving. he drives out chevy like it's a ferrari. i can recognise our car just from the sound my dad's driving makes. i usually end up closing my eyes and praying that everything will be fine we will not crash i am such a ninny, really.
10/3/2007 c1 payphoned
Man, I hate those types of turns. I think this works well as both something that one is actually experiencing and as a metaphor.
4/1/2007 c1 M. Williams
I like it. It would be good enough with just the non-italicized text, but that makes it even better.

Puts you right in the situation. Good job. Is this perhaps one long extended metaphor for life? If you meant it like that, I got it. If you didn't, well... there ya go. :P

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