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for I'm In Love With A Stripper

7/6/2010 c25 Alanisaur
6/3/2010 c25 bananaaa
I absolutely loved this story!

All the characters are so likable and so cute!

I should probs stop ending my sentences with !

but anyway!

You are a fantastical writer and this was such a sweet ending, I loved how you made them breakup and then get together again. (!)

oh and the fact that she's got preggers...!

"If it helps, I'm 75% certain it's yours. There was that one drunken night with the produce guy from the market…" (!)

oh and there was... (!)

…and then there was a huge shootout, Mr. and Mrs. Smith style. (!)

BTW. if i had an account i would this story to favourites and you as an author!


munchkin pies to you!
3/12/2010 c25 13Aaerie
haha i love the story but i reckon the best endin goes to you
2/16/2010 c25 4notjustink
This was so amazingly wonderful. At first I wasn't sure, and figured it'd be another one of those finding- love- across- the- bar stories. BUT OHMIGOD! The chemistry between all the characters was so REAL and and and...

can you tell I read this all in one day and am now venting? I think so. haha And I adore the Smith reference in the last chapter. :)
12/25/2009 c25 26pinkguppie
Loved it. Well written and awesome characters :)
11/14/2009 c25 Anime Honey Bear24
This story is so cute!I loved the ending,and everything about this story,but what happened to Veronica and Oliver?Did they get married too?If the did,that would be so cool!In the end I loved this story,and I congradulate you for writing such an awesome story!=^~^=
10/20/2009 c25 1Damned to heaven
Loved it.
9/20/2009 c4 5annoyance
Awesome story :)
9/20/2009 c25 28Erisah Mae
I loved your story up until your last chapter- honestly, I thought the way you ended it sucked. I mean, you wrote the development of their relationship so well, and the characters really had quite distinct voices... and then you whack on this last 3rd person bit that sounds like you were wrapping up your story because you were sick of it. It just didn't have the same life as the rest of the story.

That said, I loved the other 24 chapters. The characters felt fresh, and the storyline was interesting. Pity about the way you ended it though.
8/18/2009 c25 bookworm1234
loved this whole story! it was the first thing i read on fictionpress!
7/6/2009 c25 OoohLookACat
i spent my entire monday night reading this

and it was totally worth it

Jean and Lilly are so cute together

and i love the plot line

evil characters such as Patrick and Harold, i'm not fans of

but who really cares about them haha

loved the story

good work =)

6/24/2009 c25 reader
I adoree this story! Such a cute ending! =DD
6/23/2009 c25 SNOWBITCH2
omg ur the bimb i loved it i cant believe they broke up but c how sweet n 8 year marriege they have they where so great together it was so stupid to breakup but im so happy that they got back together n married im so happy but i just love this story but wat happened did they have the kid? wat happened with vero n oliver ? u cant just leave me stranded idk but thnx loved it g2g ttyl love ya n ur work good health n good luck ttyl ;) -VAMPIRE ROMANCE OBSESSER
6/23/2009 c25 chng234
this story is very interesting n your writing is special. l like it very much. hope to see your nrxt story soon
6/22/2009 c25 1Jevanminx
That was a perfect ending I think, well done, but I will miss it.

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