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for I'm In Love With A Stripper

4/16/2009 c23 vampire chica 3ilv
i loved the story great story line loved it jean was great loved the hole stripper fell in love with jean the smart kid type loved it! but i think with the next part should be sunset and finally coming out thing u were saying it was a good im sorry ur to jealise something that breaks them u and no never mind just the sunset unless u can come up with a way they can break up and thn get married that would be a topper no just the sunset i think idk omg im rambling srry.
4/16/2009 c23 14frizzle-tastic
It's about time Oliver and Veronica got together. Only problem is that Harold is going to want to kill Oliver. So yeah are Jean and Lilly engaged? I'm just slightly confused on that point, I mean where do they stand? Oh I seriously LOVE this story. Please, please, PLEASE update soon! =]

4/16/2009 c23 1Jevanminx
Whoop, go Oliver and Veronica, brilliant.

4/15/2009 c23 D-Mish
Haha they should definately do it Mr & Mrs Smith style ;)
3/6/2009 c22 AngelReader

this is SO sweet!

omg u GOTTA write MORE!

omgomgomg i LOVE LOVE LOVE it =]]

keep writing!

keep me updated too =p
3/5/2009 c22 2cbprice25
3/5/2009 c22 1Jevanminx
Aw, Jean is just too adorable isn't he, so sweet.

3/5/2009 c22 1storys
oh wow an update! i am shocked :D this is such a sweet chapter and it makes me happy
1/18/2009 c21 17FireInsideMyself
1/8/2009 c21 1TammyS3
aw! i love your story, are you going to be finishing it? Because I would really like to see the end of this!

And I love Jean!
12/19/2008 c21 puka.shells
This story is so adorable :D

I love it.

Do you know how many chapters are left?
12/15/2008 c21 9xemeraldeyesx
aw YAY jean punched pat! and lilly met the parents ;) does this mean they'll get married and buy a big house and jean will become some rich computer nerd (hey, it fits, right?) and they will have loads of jean and lily jrs? i hope it does :D
12/15/2008 c21 1Jevanminx
Oh go Jean, Patrick totally deserved that. And I love Lily she is just so great, hehehehehe.

12/15/2008 c21 1storys
*is excited about fictionpress' new review clicky button*

GO JEAN! YAY :D This made my shitty day so much better!
12/10/2008 c20 2madaboutbooks
Wow great story...can't believe i've missed reading this...love Jean and hope you update soon please! Will it have a HEA?
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