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5/24/2009 c1 2dragonflydreamer
Very beautiful sentiment. It's Strange yet peaceful, just like a dream.

[Lollipop trees spread their limbs/reaching for golden light.]

I love these lines. They create such a nice image.

Nice peace. Short, but it says what it needs to say.

~Sparkles from the Review Marathon (link in profile)
4/15/2007 c1 2brightlywound93
Good poem. Please dont think im stalking you since I review EVERYTHING you write...Im just a big fan of your work. lol.. I liked this poem. Dreams take us to some great places sometimes, dont they? lol

4/4/2007 c1 bipedalcooney
I really like the carefree feel to the last few lines of this piece. Nicely written, with good imagry. Great work and keep writing.
4/4/2007 c1 174a silenced revolution
That's beautiful :)

Not sure what else to say.

It's lovely.

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