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for Forever Was In Your Eyes

5/6/2010 c10 Love you
Please continue the Story
3/17/2008 c10 bittersweethero
aw how sweet
3/8/2008 c9 1punkproud
Love the story. I say she should defenetly stay with ronnie
5/2/2007 c2 Imani
This is great! I can't find anything that is bothering me (which is good). I love your imagery - I can perfectly imagine what Roxy looks like. This story sounds like it will be very interesting :]
4/23/2007 c1 Badsomebody
I think there should be a show down between Ronnie and Alexander to see who gets the girl, but of course, Ronnie should naturally get the girl. ;)
4/17/2007 c1 4Sing With The Elevator Music
i really like reading about stuff like this cuz its always fun to see how each author writes the character of the girl. i would probably have acted the same way as roxanne. i think that's what has me hooked. ronnie seems kinda creepy calling her sweetheart and all... i mean he's only known for a day and why would he be all happy about it?

4/16/2007 c7 6Raven of Ice
Ronnie. Though, I wouldnt mind Alexander making Ronnie a little more jealous. Great story!
4/12/2007 c1 1Lady Taisho-Slytherin
hey hey

it is me and i am reviewing your wonderful story as per your request

i will get you the things for you to type as soon as possible

i love your story keep up the good work

hehe get her together with Ronnie!

why because that is so cliche and i love it

or not it really is your decision is this review long enough for you?

i could probably make it longer.

oh i forgot i actually have to go do something - i'll review again later
4/4/2007 c5 fishslappinghighlandflinger
so far i really like this and i am intrigued to see this story develop further!
4/4/2007 c2 9Cass Boothe
Rather than doing the two pov's you might want to tell this in 3rd person omniscient. The reader tends to get bored reading the same scene twice. The story idea is a good one though.
4/4/2007 c6 2angeleyez61888
wow this seems to be a very intersting story i can't wait to read more of it
4/4/2007 c6 11CelineParis
This story is great so far. I was confused at first but it is all making sense. Please tell your friend to write more quickly. It is definitely something I would like to finish.

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