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for Their Whispers

5/24/2009 c1 2dragonflydreamer
This is a very interesting concept. Your summary alone immediately stood out to me. It's very true in a literal sense, but can also be made into such a fantasy-like concept such as what you presented.

The repitition worked surprisingly well considering the length of the peace. It wasn't too overbearing, but it created a feel that I can't quite put words too. Almost like a chant of the whispers you spoke of.

I also loved the rhyme scheme. It wasn't too mainstream, and the rhyme itself really added to the child-like qualities of the poem.

~Sparkles from the Review Marathon (link in profile)
4/15/2007 c1 2brightlywound93
I like this poem. It's sad how children seem to have a magic inside them that adults cant understand. They believe without over-analyzing. Great poem!

4/7/2007 c1 59radioactive stanica
I love this like I love all your work!


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