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7/2/2007 c3 6Carmel March
Hehe. I love this :) Good job, and keep it up!

5/12/2007 c2 Yuval
LOL, amusing.
5/4/2007 c2 3jesslia
that is so HILARIOUS.
4/8/2007 c1 2Most.Beautiful.Whiskers
hehe, “O, pants”. that was so funny. and also, “Evil stealing muffin ninjas have taken over blondie and Richie” hilarious. i'm seriously gonna do the pants thing to me friends, if you don't mind. Lol, i have a best friend who has an unhealthy muffin fettish. i'm serious. We were outside one tiem, and there was this blueberry muffin on the ground.On of my idiot friends picked it up, and went, "Oh, look, a muffin!" of course, my muffin friend went crazy. It's amazing what one can do for love. My muffin friend (who is extremely short for her age) somehow managed to steal the muffin from his hands-even with us all holding her back!-and, well, it wasn't pretty. Right, sorry. i don't know why i'm telling you this. You have interesting-and funny!-situations like me and my friends, so i like this a lot.

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