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12/17/2011 c1 dreeming
I love how you word things. Such a simple little scene, but the way you described it, I was picturing it like a vivid painting..

Actually, to tell you the truth, I just spend an all-nighter absorbed in your other story, and now I'm struggling to make my mush of a brain come up with a decent review, because this is beautiful, and now I'm ranting.
9/6/2008 c1 10cherrypiesizzle
That was very good. And very strange.

I'm not sure I liked some of the descriptions of Nathaniel, because you made him sound more like a thing than a human...but it was very sweet, in the end.
9/4/2008 c1 rosakissu
loved it, fantastic descriptions, every single sentence. But I'll have to reread it to understand everything. Anyways this goes right to my favorites.
7/10/2008 c1 entity.unkown
a bit confusing but i like your writing style
6/12/2008 c1 7gulistala
To be honest, I don't understand what is going on. Well, not completely. Why was he moody, what was going on with her inner turmoil, what was the reason(s) behind it? I'm guessing he's her lover?

This is very artsy, I like it, even though I don't understand a fair bit of it. I really like its uniqueness. And for that reason, I'm favouriting this.

Thank you for such an interesting one-shot. ^_^

12/31/2007 c1 15I-Wuv-Muffins
ah, I love it. Love written in the language of art. My kind of thing.
12/28/2007 c1 4S. E. K. Arouet
I loved the artistry of this short story. It made me want to know the characters and it made me really feel like I did, even in such a short space. The length was perfect for this style, too. It gave just enough. The descriptions were fantastic.
12/22/2007 c1 3Blood Sinister
Amazing. I loved the ending and especially this line;

'He wiped his pink mouth. Picasso'

She seems quite insecure, when she thinks he doesn't love her, and then he kisses her and all.

Oh, well. I loved it. :D
12/1/2007 c1 2deplorably dramatic
I liked it, but I'm not sure I understand. Is she just being weird, does he not love her anymore, what is easier this time? maybe I'm just not insightful enough.
9/5/2007 c1 6Skido
I liked the bit when she thought that Nathaniel didn't love her anymore, immediately followed by him calmly peeling the orange. Nice. :)
8/28/2007 c1 2xlovexpollutionx
wow...beautiful. i ADORE the description of him, so amazing. this is so well-written and amazing. i am in awe.

8/23/2007 c1 3Candiferous
i like her artistic way of looking at him, and i really like... every single sentence. because it's all relevant but you find a way to write beautiful sentences and weave it all together into a beautiful piece of writing. it's very stephenie meyer-esque.

but while i like your way of writing very much, i can't say i really like this plotty thing you made here. _o; i would have liked it a lot more if i felt it wasn't all just pretty writing, but a story. nonetheless, good job; i certainly would never be able to do something this intricate.
5/26/2007 c1 Her Wishing Well
This is great and the use of artists is clever and does add description. Loved it.
5/18/2007 c1 Pip
Your old work was better and less pretentious-not that there necessarily has to be a connection between the two.

This is cliched without being interesting plot-wise. The heavily sensous imagery feels stale. Its "saving grace" (if indeed it can be called that) is, I suppose, the constant references to historical figures.

But what are we meant to do with them? Get a more vivid picture of the characters in here, and their relationship? Don't be lazy and rely on people that already exist. I know that famous names, fictional or not, are often used as adjectives. A little bit can be effective, but that technique seems to have been abused here.

Moreover, while people might understand "Mephistophelean," "kafkaesque"-that is, famous names, some of the names you use in here seem to serve no purpose other than to confuse readers not in the know.

Now, these criticisms may very well seem extreme, especially considering the nature of this work. I get the "point"-she's an artist. Still, the question is, artist or museum curator? Perhaps we're just used to different artists.
4/19/2007 c1 28Erisah Mae
This is beautiful in its sumptuous simplicity and exquisite detail... a very interesting style, that shows well how an artist might view the world, providing insight into a complex creative mind...

Nice work. I'll be watching in future for more.

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