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for Tomorrow was in the Past

6/12/2007 c1 x account closed x
you.. you don't know how long i've just sat here, staring at this damn review box trying to come up with words... you have the aility to capture and describe things amazingly, and in such detail that those of us intheknow are left breathless, and those who can't even phathom, are still left silent. it's beautiful caitlin. i really hope things are better since then though.
6/11/2007 c1 72angel953
this is absolutely amazing! gosh i havent said that to u in a WHILE...listening to some odd music right now **sings along** so i am kinda hyper writing this...review me!plz

bye bye now from ur bud u know who!
5/8/2007 c1 113Travis C. Eckert
Seems like no hope in this. Good job, yet scary. I have some stories/essays up. Not much anything of poetry up, might have some during summer/coming weeks. I know I have been saying this but finals are coming up.
4/11/2007 c1 94shookierewrites
Chilling, but I think everyone's felt like that before. Good job!

-ShookieInLove, formerly known as Shookie Smiles Sweetly
4/9/2007 c1 32C. Patrick Ostiguy
I can identify with this poem a lot, particularly the end, but it sort of uses too common devices, not subtle or cryptic enough for my tastes. Too straightforward.
4/9/2007 c1 2Jordygirl
Very dark. Not a fan of the dark stuff, but this was also good. I hope it's not based on something that actually happened... o_0

Anyway, it was good, if dark, and you have an interesting (good interesting) writing style.

4/9/2007 c1 306Ashelin
This was really sad. Depressing to say the least, but I loved it. I could really sense the feeling of helplessness, of nothingness. Enduring through pain. Great job.

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