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1/11/2013 c32 8Yellow Cotton Hat
7/8/2009 c32 The Donkey's Marshmallow
This was magnificent, and captivating, and heartbreaking. I've been reading your stories and I really long to see some new ones someday =) Anyways, you're a great writer, and you did an awesome job on the song lyrics as well.
7/7/2009 c3 The Donkey's Marshmallow
God, how many languages do YOU speak?
2/25/2009 c32 autumn-annette-19
Are you going to make a sequel for this story? I hope you do! Otherwise, great story and keep up the good work.
3/29/2008 c30 1one little hollow
It's okay. Finals. Ew. xD Jet lag? That sucks.

Okay, okay. The ending's fine.

xDD I liked that scene a lot, too. It wasn't terribly cheesy, but yes, you're right. We're entitled to some soap opera moments. xD

I figured. I saw it a while after. Very nice.
3/18/2008 c31 one little hollow
Okay, I figure I might as well reply through reviews rather than a PM. If you'd rather I PM, I could do that instead. Still, this is Glass related, so I figure...yeah.

Sorry for my essay-like review. ^^;; I love writing and getting long reviews so if I really like something, I'd go on and on about it. ^^;;

You pointed out a lot of things that I decided against writing in my last review, so I'll say it now. In advance, sorry for another long review!

That happens very often, doesn't it? The plot changing midway through. But I think you still had a good idea in the end. ^^

I'm sorry, but- garasu. -has no idea what that is- ^^;;

Yes, we never really got in depth with Lucien's character- so primarily remains the fangirl-turned-love interest. When I first started reading the story, I thought, "Oh god, please don't tell me she meets Marise and the two fall in love or something..." and I was pleased to find that she didn't.

It's too bad that Marise gets the short end of the stick. You sure /didn't/ make it easy for us. ^^

Oh, really? Ah...that's too bad. =/ I'm glad you didn't kill off Shuu in the end; I really liked him.

On another note about Shuu, that bit about how he was bought by Marise because of all that Marise has done for him, and how he didn't want Lucien in the same situation and how she never had to buy him...well, it was a touch cheesy in the latter, but the former, Shuu's pride- well, that sorta foreshadowed a lot of things. Like how Marise had to buy his way in...well, I'm not making a lot of sense, but that was a really strong part.

Yes, one of the things I noticed was that Shuu seemed like part of him loved Marise, too. I didn't want to put it in my last review in case I was too presumptious, or if you didn't reply- lots of authors don't. It was at this point where I dared let the slightest shred of hope: ""(Does it still hurt that much?)" he asked softly as he reached around with his other hand to stroke the crossing bars in the opposite ear. Marise knew what he meant.

"(I think it'll hurt for a long time,)" the boy slowly replied, using a fingertip to trace the tattooed character for "light" on Shuu's chest.

"(Good,)" said Shuu with a grin, to Marise's surprise. That grin, however, couldn't hide the pain lurking in his dark grey eyes."

That Shuu still felt pain, and that he thought it was good that there would be some time before Marise would get over him...shows his reluctance that Marise would stop loving him. Still, thank you for telling me that. It makes me a bit happier- though I still feel sorry for Marise.

Yes, that would've tied it up too much, but I think it would've been a fun read...It doesn't necessarily have to be tied to the actual story. Like you said, alternate ending. I would've liked to read it~.

Chinese often sounds way too random. ^^'ll Ah, really? Jeeze, my French teacher is either really old fashioned...or she hasn't been to France in a long time. Probably both. Eh.

I did? ^^;; Sorry? You're welcome. ^^ I'm glad you wrote this.
3/17/2008 c32 one little hollow
...I must be insane. I must be completely and utterly insane.

Instead of heading off for an early night's sleep on a Sunday night before having to rise at 6 am like a sane, RATIONAL person would do, I read the entirety of Glass. In one sitting.

I finished roughly around 3 am. Leaving me barely three hours of sleep.

Boy, did I sure pay for that. Tired as shit right now.

When I first started reading, I didn't expect to finish it that night, nor to stay up till bloody three in the morning to do so. In the beginning, things were, though adequate, a bit mediocre and seemed a touch anime-like. Not my usual cup of tea. But your characters and their relationships' developements were very realistic and fascinating, and I found myself reading chapter after chapter, telling myself that I'd go to bed after the next chapter...and the next, and the next, till I arrived at the epilogue. Your plot takes so many twists and turns, and I just had to keep following it.

I loved how Marise described his attraction to Shuu. "Like a moth to a flame." So apt. Marise couldn't help but be drawn to Shuu, and there's a incredibly wonderful, bittersweet feeling as we watch him do so- because your sense of foreshadowing is amazing, and it's like some unconscious part of my mind knew something 'bad' would happen.

It was complete heartbreak when Marise turned Shuu over to Lucien completely. Reading of how long Shuu's love remained unrequited was fascinating and daunting. Still, it hurt a lot when they officially 'broke up', Marise and Shuu. We could tell Marise was hurting, could /feel/ it. And yet, he let him go. What he said was so deep and clairvoyant of him; when Shuu went back to New York, he'd only go to Lucien again.

When they met for that interview, and when Shuu kissed him, sending a picture for Lucien in the end, it really seemed like complete closure. there was no way Shuu would regret leaving Marise if he can so freely kiss and touch him and still be completely casual with sharing this kind of thing with his girlfriend. It symbolized how he wasn't tied down to Marise at all. Of course, for Marise, it's a different situation.

If we look at it through, all Shuu's done is hurt Marise, with only a brief time of complete and utter happiness,tainted by the subconscious knowledge that his lover still loved Lucien. When Marise first 'confessed' (that is to say, when Shuu kissed him as a 'game' and Marise shoved him) he was so furious in an endearing way. Honestly, I've been slowly falling in love with the two as a pairing too, so though Shuu ended up with Lucien in the end, I'm still leaning more towards Marise, and seeing things from his point of view rather than the happy couple's.

The ending. Honestly, I didn't quite like it much. It felt like it had left too many open strings, and though Shuu allowed Marise to join them at last...so many uncertainties, so much bitterness.

The way you told us, about Marise's unrequited love being the most well known throughout Japan...that struck something. Truly, Marise is the character who struck me most, though Shuu certainly played a large part.

My visualization of most of these characters are weak, except for Shuu. Shuu I saw very clearly and vividly in my mind; the others were more blurred.

As for the usage of all the different languages in this story...I actually find it sort of amusing. I'm a Chinese girl born and reared in American, currently taking French and Japanese. So, for me, the things that would have confused a non-bilingual reader (such as Eli talking to Marise and telling him not to use 'vous'- though 'tu' isn't just informal, it indicates familairness, so Marise wasn't wrong to use 'vous') and it was amusing.

'Glass' is a captivating story if you get into it enough. I was hooked barely three chapters in. It was fun to read, and I pretty much squealed and bounced around during Marise and Shuu's 'moments', but still felt profoundly sad at the more heartbreaking scenes. Truly, I felt like it was worth it missing a coupla hours of sleep over. ^^ I'll be checking out your other stories now~.
12/7/2007 c32 lelaylei
You finally finished. Yay! It was a really good tale. I missed it for the time that it was gone.
11/14/2007 c32 LondonGoth17
AMAZING. I'm so glad that you finished this. It seriously is my favorite story ever. :)
11/11/2007 c32 24M. Lee H
Well, the end seemed so ... so not end but so final at the same time. I wanted to cry, but I felt your characters would hate me if I did. Loved the story all the same. There were a few parts, though, that were a bit hard to keep up with, then it all gets tied together. ^_^ This was an awesome ride!
10/24/2007 c32 3Abstruse Blue
Yatta! Wow, what a emotional roller-coaster especially those like last five or so chapters. I admit I teared up considerably from the angst and dialogues between Marise & Shuu, suppose I always rooted for Ma-kun, but I knew it would end up the way it did. I might have cried for real if it weren't for the fact I was at work reading. *embarassing!* / But all in all it was an extremely good read. Loved all the symbolism in simple things like piercings and tattoos, haha. Like getting possibly painful ear piercings to vent out the emotional pain, ne? The epilogue ending I really liked as well, but my only wish is that maybe Marise will find someone who will love him back the way Shuu couldn't in the end. I'm really attatched the characters! I shall miss them terribly! It was wonderously enjoyable, thank you.

p.s. it would be so awesome to see this in actual manga form, I'd buy it in a hearbeat! Like several volumes, yeah? haha LOVE.
10/24/2007 c32 3MissChiaroscuro
Wah Nice story. I'm glad for the happy ending :3 :3

Thank you!

Xiexie! :P
10/24/2007 c29 MissChiaroscuro
Hahaha. I'm just glad I didn't irritate you with my comments :P

My best friend first introduced me to your work a few years ago. I loved your other story best. I used to keep copies of your works. But then we had to reformat the computer and it was woosh! :(

I'm so glad that Marise finally had enough sense knocked into him!

I just hope Marise and Shuu didn't get AIDS! All that coughing and sickness :/

If that DOES happen, I hope she ends up with the Grimaldi guy!
10/23/2007 c28 MissChiaroscuro
Looks like "a penny for your thoughts" is the standard statement to say. Lols. update soon, I hope :D
10/23/2007 c28 4MacKitty
Please, continue soon! I really really like it. It's so fun and relaxing to read. Helped me get rid of the stress from a long day. :)
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