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for My Stalker is An Angel

1/14/2012 c1 Not Important
I like the way you're writing this, putting me into your character's head. I also like her sense of humor. Something I think you need to avoid is at the beginning she started to sound a little Mary Sueish, with the teachers hating her and being over cruel. But other than that I like it and I think I may read the next chapter.
5/8/2007 c3 9Stahlut
this is really kind of intrigueing and I cnnot wait to read more so yeah keep it coming.
5/1/2007 c3 2CarlyJo
Huh. Interesting. Update Soon!
4/20/2007 c1 14Leucrotta
x3 Your narrator has a very interesting sense of humor. I like it. Keep writing this one, I'm curious about it. =D
4/20/2007 c1 22marinawings
this story is pretty interesting so far. it's got a nice quirkiness to it, the kind of wry humor that i like. your main character is very realistic. i like the fact that you put your reader inside her head. i feel like i know her. and this handsome newcomer fascinates me. update soon!
4/17/2007 c1 How She Dances
Since you were so kind to review my story, I thought i'd return the favor.

Well, the main character seems to be pretty random... and I mean that in a good way lol. She sort of reminds me of a friend I had a long time ago.

It's a good start, keep up the good work and i'll be on the look out for the next chapter!
4/12/2007 c1 15BlackDreamLily
Wow. coolness.
4/12/2007 c1 2CarlyJo
This story seems cool. So far I like the characters and the guy... yeah he sounds really hot. UPDATE SOON!

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