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10/16/2007 c13 1catseye348
i love Daymon! they (Eli and him) would be great togeather! he's just what Eli needs at this time, someone tho won't ignore whats going on with him who will force him to get better and whose compassionate. ^_^

I love this story!
10/16/2007 c13 WitchGhost
The chapter was cutr and had a nice cliffhanger at the end; good work!
10/16/2007 c13 shotintherouge


And it is intricate. OO It has all the little knots in human relationships, and all of your people have their fallbacks and their good points. *nod nod*

Its like a spider web on top of a spider web on top of a spider web.

And yes, that IS a compliment.

Cant wait for your next update, ~Rosu
10/16/2007 c13 1NekoRinChan
Aws, I love Damyon. I wanna hug him. D:

Woos, seems Eli is getting better slightly.

Rawr, Ricky. [

xD Wowzers, my name's been typed that much? And for that long? Haha, I feel a little special. xD
10/16/2007 c13 5Kizuna
I should stop guessing... Seriously. 'cause you tell me that some of the things I guess is right, and then it can be anything, 'cause I guess a lot...-_- I'm going crazy!;p So no guessing in this chapter!;p

I liked the chappy though; so nice to read about Eli and Damyon cuddling like that!^_^ Me love them!^_^ They just gotta end up together, seriously!^_^

And don't say you're sorry for not updating Muted Song!^_^ I totally know what it's like not to be in the mood to write. I'm not in the mood to write ANYTHING right now and that is so annoying and I'm going crazy!^^ Thanks to your story though, I'm keeping my sanity!^.~
10/16/2007 c13 35AmnesiaCoat
Hmm, good choice, but silly Eli... he should have CHECKED who it WAS! Goodness! anyway, hm, everytime I check my email and there is this story updated it makes my day, I love it!
10/16/2007 c12 4just give me november
i'm still not sure. sigh. i wanna know, hah. anyway. david.. hmm. i'm really curious about him. i don't want he and erica to be together, but i want him to be with someone, and i'd really like to see erica happy. and their baby, since, assumably, it'll live... people are talking about death in my french class. it's making me sad. anyway. i love how much this story updates! it makes me all happy and warm inside
10/15/2007 c12 magalina
No, this is not going to make me like Ricky! ...ok, maybe a bit... But he´s still an ass! XO Aw, I kind of wanted to see more Angel here, maybe there was a reason behind his asshole..ness o.O

Yay, thanks for the dedication! :DD
10/15/2007 c12 thechelsemonster
Okay I am no longer confuzed about the past loveness betwen Ricky and David.

This Chappy was awesome and it also explained alot about how the boys all wound up together. So wonderful job you're brilliant!


I want to see them together so bad! I really do!

BAD ANGEL! (its a habbit)
10/15/2007 c12 35AmnesiaCoat
Wow, I haven't reviewed in ages I WAS IN PARI!. In reply to your reply to my review (uh, right...) it shocked you? it shocked me to once i reread it, sometimes I get carried away... more all the time... oh well, I came to the conclusion: Eli is supposed to be like girlish pretty isn't he? I thought he was supposed to be totally average- and then I realised. wow, I think I had a major blonde moment like since you started writing this.
10/14/2007 c12 vampgurl99
hahaha, so I'm reviewing incognito! See if they catch me now! I thought it was only two reviews per chapter? Hm, must have changed it on me. So voila, now I'm reviewing without logging in.

I'll make this short, yes I will beta for you, my e-mail is and good revision. More emotion to the break up= good. So I guess Ricky doesn't know what made David break up with him? Just keep in mind that that whole confusion is going to have to be cleared up when they decide to start dating/sleeping with each other again. Just little tid bit to remember that's all. Hm, what was changed in the second part of your revision? When they were packing up...I didn't see anything that was different.

Alright, just send me the chapter when you write it and I'll have it by the next day if not by the same day alright?

10/14/2007 c12 18Pavlove
I was listening to "Use Me" from Garbage while reading this chappy. Quite appropriate. :)) (

I love this story! It's been about 10 months since I started reading your work and this is my favourite so far.

I was wondering, though, if Eli is supposed to be a little slow or if it's just lack of self-confidence. I mean, most people with eating disorders or abandonment issues can still see the big picture, even if they feel removed from it.

Eli appears to be stuck at the watching and wondering stage, feeling small emotionally and big physically. It's like we can only see this one side of him, and it's going in circles. Some background on him would be nice. :) And something positive in his life - so far he snubbed Vivienne Westwood, was hospitalised for eating disorders, was cheated on and raped by his boyfriend, and it turns out he met his boyfriend only because he'd lost his wallet.

That being said, I have to mention that I love Angel. He reminds me of my friends: blondness, cynicism, SlimFast and cigarettes included. :D

Sorry for the long review -

10/14/2007 c12 shotintherouge
... You know. I was sure I reviewed this before.

Like, yesterday to be exact... *checks her previous reviews*

Well, apparently I didn't.

But I was sure I did...

*aura of confusion*

And I beleive I was even serious Rosu in that review. *sighs* I probably complimented you in it. OO

But it no longer exists.

So no compliments for you. ^-^
10/14/2007 c12 3Folie.a.deuxx
Sorry, but this reviews got to be breif because I was definitely supposed to be at work 15 minutes ago.I just couldn't leave without reading this first though.(There you go, keeping me from my job.) I promise I'll make up for it with my review for the next chapter. Anyway, this chapter was great, I really like that you added some backstory in there, it develops the story more. I'll have to wait until next review to really leave you a good review about it...oh well. I have read Fahrenheit 451, more than once actually. The first time was in 7th grade for school, so I didn't understand it at all and ended up hating it. Second time was much better. I've read To Kill A Mockingbird for school too. In fact, I have to read all of the ones that you listed. I can't believe your school banned them. Anyway, still very much so late for work. I might just send you a message later. Until next time!

10/14/2007 c12 1catseye348
i never read the original ch12 but i liked this one, it shows how they all got togeather and that in the beginning Ricky did care, which is a good thing. it kinda shows that Eli doesn't always fall for those who hurt him, atleast not in the beginning.
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