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9/22/2009 c18 6AlwaysTheNegativeOptimist
for two years passing this is actually a pretty good restart!

i know that i wouldn't be able to follow the same flow. I'd probably end up twisting it into something competely opposite of what i had first thought of. I'm glad that your at least trying to get back. I know lots of authors that just abandon stories.


it makes me sad. cuz i know i'm one of them. I do it A LOT. I disappoint myself cus i hate it when others do it. so i'm really a hypocrite.
9/20/2009 c18 2Rae Simmons
Omg, wow. Im glad you picked the story back up. I wouldnt have gotten around to it for another coulpe of months atleast otherwise. Oh and sorry im being lazy but im typeing this on my ipod and i really hate going back and forth between the two keyboards. :p
9/20/2009 c18 5TheLadyPendragon
Poor Damyon. D: I hope Eli realizes his feelings soon, or at least gives Damyon a chance. I also hope Erica's okay...

Sorry, this review sucks socks, but the last one was better... I think. Less to say now. D:
9/20/2009 c18 2Blade-of-Sorrow
OMg luci where have you been we've missed you... and i was wondering if you got a chance to beta my first chapter
9/20/2009 c18 1PessimisticComa
Hey! So i literally just sat here and read the story from start to well... chapter 18. xP so write more soon! :D Yay inspiration.
9/20/2009 c18 3Back of Beyond
This was always my favourite story of yours, so I'm very glad to see an update after so long! I even went back and re-read everything. :P

Hope to see the next chapter soon - I can't wait for Eli and Damyon to get past their problems and be together. :)
9/20/2009 c18 Iizolda
Thanks for an update:) I can't wait to read more drama:)
9/20/2009 c18 3Folie.a.deuxx
So I really liked this chapter, and I think it was good that it was short and didn't have any dialogue because it kind of sparked my memory on what's going on. I might still have to go back and skim a few chapters, but I think you're a really good writer too! So keep up the good work!

And please update soon.

9/19/2009 c17 lazyxhime

It was a cruel cliffhanger! I admit, you made me cry sometimes, but I hope things will get better? I love every character! And I would love to read more! Please? *puppy eyes*
8/29/2009 c17 sammie
omg i cried when i found out ricky was cheating on him i was in front off ma mum and she was stareing at me i think you should thorw in something bout eli past
8/12/2009 c17 OneTruth
PLEASE, FINISH THIS! I Love It So Much, I Love It As Much As I Love The Justin/Chris Series And That's A Lot.
8/5/2009 c17 Chrysler
Gah i hate this cause i want so many people to be together. Angel isn't as bad as everyone thinks when he's with Damyon so they'd be cute together but then again Damyon fell hard for Eli so that would be so cute and now that ricky is "over" david, eli and him could work but i don't really know if i believe david being over ricky and GAH! so confusing. It's hard to know whether i like once person of if i don't mostly ricky and angel cause they flip when they're around others but damyon is so adorable. i dunno i hope eli does the right thing and gets with damyon and maybe angel can get with...ricky? would that really work? UPDATE please ITS SO GOOD
7/8/2009 c17 5TheLadyPendragon
Hiya, I followed the link on your sweet-revolution profile and came here. This story is really good (meaning that it's moving, profound, well-written, and etc.) I don't know why, but it makes me really sad. I think this is one of the only stories where I honestly like - feel sorry for - everyone. You know, except David and Ricky. They can go die in hell for all I care. Call me spiteful, but I didn't want Erica to take David back. And I was kind of happy (not for the whole baby-killing part) when she said she was going to abort, just because it was to spite him (and boy, did it spite him.) I feel so bad for Eli. I just want to crush him to me and feed him like my mom feeds me (of course, I think he'd kind of hate me, since I have one of those super-fast, fat-burning metabolisms.) I used to hate Angel, until that revealing Angel first-person. Now, I pity him. I hope he's a little happy, too. I mean, he's a sort of antagonistic person, and he riled everything up, but he's so insecure. I want to give him a hug, too. I like Damyon best, honestly, and I hope he and Eli end up together, but I kind of hate him, too, for not being able to see how hurt Angel is by his detachedness.

The Outcome I want:

1. Ricky and David die alone and despised (with loads of STDs that fester and leak.)

2. Erica and the baby (if the baby survives the mischief you thought up) move on and find another man/daddy.

3. Eli and Damyon live happily ever after, and together to boot.

4. Angel finds someone who truly loves him for him and helps him move on.

5. All of the characters get therapy for their individual problems.

Anyway, all I want to say is, this story is really great, and I don't even mind that the chapters are short (it seems fitting in this case.) That said, I still want to read more, and soon. All of the characters and problems are very real. I like how you didn't just doll everything up and make everything ideal and romantic. Don't ask why, but I thought this was going to be a really retarded, humorous story (probably because of Eli's 'pickle' comment in chapter one) and I was getting so annoyed with plotless, 'funny' stories that I almost back-clicked. But this is very plot-filled and moving. Yay! So, yeah, no more rambling. Bye. Um, yeah...
6/24/2009 c17 6BreizyBreeze

*awkward silence*




*eyes well up with tears*


Erica...the baby?

Did Damyon...did he...did he jump!


*trails off with lack of words*

*gets on knees and begs*

Please, give me another chapter. Just one. One more.

Then...then I'll be off the stuff for good...I swear!

*crosses finger behind back*

*pouts and gives puppy dogs eyes*

5/17/2009 c17 6AlwaysTheNegativeOptimist
Omg drama! but kinda cool and good drama.


Damyon is kinda annoying though... and mean...and w/e i like your story a lot!
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