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1/20/2008 c11 1SiD EliA
Oh please no with the Eli and David thing don't do it. Davidisabitch, as I said before. love you Daymon, you would rock my socks if I wasn't barefoot.

that lalalaOMGBUTTSECKS thing got me hard, that's just like my story hence why it would be called Too Fast. Eli wake up please I don't like this whole sick thing. I'm willing you to get better damnit.
1/20/2008 c9 SiD EliA
Maybe it's kinda not right but David is a bitch too.

*Claps hand over mouth in shock* Well it's true.
1/20/2008 c8 SiD EliA
AH! omy god Ricky is the bitch of all bitches I wasso on a roll with the story couldn't stop but that just shocked the crap out of me poor Eli, huggles lots and lots of huggles. Ricky as I said you are a supreme bitch. I cried for you Eli I'll be your boyfriend!
1/20/2008 c2 SiD EliA
The title of your story is awesome. I really like Eli, but then again I tend to like most first characters. But besides that fact I like your story, added to my favs. X-rated thoughts right back at ya!
1/19/2008 c17 2Blade-of-Sorrow
yay plot twists lol i love your writing all of it i truly think it will take you to some amazing places and when you are off making huge money from your stories don't forget about all your friends on FP...P.S. a friend of mine is being a total bitch and chickenshit he wants you to update earthtones but is scared shitless to ask you himself but really i wouldn't mind an update on the justin and chris series and maybe an update for MCDC enchor
1/16/2008 c17 Midnights Scream
that's it?*cries* that was way too short for such a long break. *sniffle* I feel so cheated, but things are starting to look even more interesting than before. :)
1/15/2008 c17 10afk
Well first, omg with the chapy! why is eli so slow! argh hahah :P loved it! Bit short but loved it. And did angel really really liekd daymon?

Um second, could we try the whole thing again of the collab, but now using my gmail. I think tehre's something wierd with hotmail, cause our mails get lost or something... i'll send you a mail, hoping yours hasn't changes.
1/14/2008 c17 4GrannyP
Holy crap. It's about time I got another load of pickles in my life. I have been missing trips down memory lane thanks to that one chapter when they were in high school and then we started talking about Ring Pops and Skip Its. Lol.. what a way to get side tracked in the reviews...

Anyway, excellent chapter (as usual, der) with some things kind of turning around.
1/14/2008 c17 iwishillwilluponyou
Aw why'd you have to end the chapter with that D:
1/14/2008 c17 17Cattails
Ha, I love Eli's supreme oblivious...ness...(is that even a word...?) And grumpy Damyon. Definitely loving the grumpy Damyon. Oh, good! He untied Angel! I was getting worried about him...like, what if they forgot about him, and he couldn't gnaw his way through whatever was binding him, and then he ended up wasting away to nothing, and all that was left was a skeleton? Well, there would be no more bitchy roommate...and that would be sad. Anyway...confession! Yay! ...and what a terrible reply. Silly Eli. Well, I guess that makes more drama...?
1/14/2008 c17 6Fantome D'Ombre
OMFG. I missed you. Like. A lot. a whole fucking lot. I was like OMFG there it is! There is one of my favorite stories! I almost died. lol. Great chapter, though I wish everyone would just fucking be honest all the time, say what's on their mind and get over it. Damyon should kinda stop being so damn emo...he shouldn't have expected a quick response from Eli like that; he didn't even give him a moment to think before he sort of freaked out and walked off. I must agree with Angel for once, he is being a bit of a drama queen. ^^' anyway, lovely chapter and I joyfully await the next =D
1/14/2008 c17 shotintherouge
*gasp* The confession.

Kind of.

I am still happy.

Kind of.

Poor Angel and Daymon. TT.TT And oh my, is it a miscarriage? Or did she just not digest that ketchup quite right?

And Eli is too oblivious.

... Do you know that I have a final tomorrow? And for the rest of the week?


Nonetheless. *points* Eli plushie. Once I find a camera, you can drool over my lack of sewing abilities.
1/14/2008 c17 3Folie.a.deuxx
Yeah! Thank you so much for updating! You were killing me there for a mintue...yeah, anyway...So, uh oh with the whole David and Erica thing, I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say miscarriage? Poor Angel, I used to strongly dislike him, but now I kind of really like him. Damyon, not so much, although my opinions are likely to change before the story is over. *sigh* This story is making me think more than I initially intended to, which is a very good thing! Update soon if you can!

1/14/2008 c17 1CrayonMentality
Gah! Poor Eli + Damyon!

They should be like, in a carriage riding off into the sunset and instead they're all confused and whiny...but where would we be without angst anyway?

I really want Erica and David to break up- David shouldn't be able to get away without any consequences and Erica shouldn't put up with that.

Why did Angel leave Eli on the floor earlier, is he sadistic or something?

Anyway...awesome story, can't wait to read some more. ^^
12/30/2007 c16 chels
please just let damyon and eli get together. maybe they could be doing something then just look at each other and start making out. please write more.
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