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6/24/2009 c16 Kimberly Beckwith
Wow i loved it i hope you write more i really want to know what happens!
11/29/2008 c16 20groundhog591
I love this story...it's sweet and cute and I really just love it! You're writing is amazing.
6/22/2008 c1 5bananashana
I just finished reading the first chapter, and I love your story already! It's so cute : ) I like Ricki she seems so sweet. I hope you update soon!
5/25/2008 c15 6Carmel March
Wow, really great chapter. Full of everything that makes me adore this story. I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to read it!

Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter :)

2/28/2008 c14 cheeky-blossom
OMG they got into a fight. hahaha I lived that bit. oh and the party is coming up soon, ooh I cant wait to read that bit, it seems like something is planned for it, and I want to know what. so hope it comes soon.
2/28/2008 c13 cheeky-blossom
She made out with Jed, omg, i wasnt expecting that. wow, you keep me on the edge of my seat.
2/24/2008 c14 Carmel March
Lovely job. You've got a serious talent!

Keep it up. I'm loving it :)

2/4/2008 c13 Carmel March
Even though it's been awhile since I've been on Fictionpress, I've definitely not forgotten this story. I'm loving it! It's this kind of story that keeps me coming back for more. So, I hope to see more from you soon :)

1/2/2008 c12 cheeky-blossom
this was so good. and it's funny how Tyler keeps trying to break up with Rhianna. I find it very ammusing. and I can't wait for this party. oh and were is Jed, I love him so much.
12/25/2007 c12 yan
what bout jed

jeds cool write more bout him, maybe her and jed can get toegether

can u put some jed's pov in there
12/5/2007 c11 Carmel March
That was amazingly amazing. Even though it's been awhile since I've set eyes on this story (about which I am terribly sorry about!), I immediately got right back into it the moment I started reading. This story keeps getting deeper and even more interesting. Keep up this wonderful work, and I'm looking forward to reading more :)

11/27/2007 c11 cheeky-blossom
well I loved it. And the whole thiung with Ricki and Tyler it is so awesome. And he has finally grown a back bone which I love, I mean he was goig to break up with her, but he couldnt. And Ricki is really winning my heart, although I was really hoping to see Jed, he is one of my faveourite charcters.
10/25/2007 c10 cheeky-blossom
Wow I loved this chapter it was so absolutely awesome. I really thought that ti brought out a little bit of Jed, and it showed some strengths of the other charcters. And I was just wondering are we going to get to see Alex at any point? I mean that would be cool.
10/20/2007 c10 Carmel March
I'm really, truly amazed at how this story is only getting better and better. With every new chapter, I'm even more impressed with your talents as a writer.

Keep up the great work!



It may take me awhile to read and review chapters, but just know that I still am, 'kay? :)
10/6/2007 c9 Carmel March
Sorry, sorry, sorry! I didn't mean to take so long to review. I had read this when I had had a smidgen of time, but never managed to leave a review. But here I am :)

I can't get over how well this story is put together. It reads so smoothly, and it's so intriguing. This chapter was just as fantastic as the rest of them.

I'll try my best not to take a million kajillion years next time ;)

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