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12/19/2013 c21 c-aa-it143
Omg I absolutely love this story
im gonna go read another of ur stories now
Thanks for writing such an amazing story :D x
12/5/2013 c20 2bubublacz
Hey , I forgot to add, I would really love if there's a Mark story somewhere :D
12/5/2013 c21 bubublacz
Oh I love this! I remember reading this years ago and thinking that I found a gold mine. It's just so nice reading this again : D
12/4/2013 c11 cupcake
Love it your an amazing writer
11/30/2013 c10 23chimerica
If you aren't, I find it a travesty that you aren't published. That said, I'm rereading this again and loving it again. Badslow, oh geez. And oh my goodness, I'm not sure if you realized but nowadays ratchet has anothrr meaning that I couldn't help but see when Lucas talked abiut that Ratchett woman making eyes at him. Hahahahahha.
11/8/2013 c21 Guest
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10/5/2013 c21 TheQuibblergirl
So I found your story "So much to learn" last sunday and since then I read not only that but also two one shots and this story and I have to say that I loved them all. This story was incredible and I really loved it and I think you did it in a very smart way, you didnt rush anything and made the story pretty realistic eventhough the chances of that happening are slim you made everything make sense and made the story come to life expertly and I had a lot of fun reading it. This is the first time I leave a review in fictionpress since before I used this account only for fanfiction, though its not the first time I read fictionpress, and I think it was totally worth it. I loved how you finished the story and that last bit of Tarquins point of view at the end, I think it was extremely sweet and I really loved it. You definitely got yourself another fan, youre a great writer who keeps improving, I love your work and I am looking forward to reading more of your stories.
9/26/2013 c21 my oh mighty
My god this was amazing.
9/22/2013 c21 readingmadness16
After I read the first story from you"Lighthouse charlie" I was like damn this is a pretty amazing author but I was also like I still can't subscribe to her since I've only read one of her stories so I was back scrolling through stories when I found this one and I was like this is just a wonderful story who's the author? and as I got to the end I saw ur traditional signature and I was like that the same author! ya pretty boring story but its how I came to realize that your fantastic at writting
9/1/2013 c21 christinask
This was a great story. I loved the amount of fluff and sappiness! It's too well writen to be cliched.
8/28/2013 c20 delsone
Alright, HOLY SHIT.
Here's the thing, I'm not really a dense person. 99.34% of the time I'll figure out the characters before they're even written. But I'm also teenage girl. Which means that if not dense, I'm at the very least... in possession of a hormone-clouded judgement (at least at times). This story was something that I read with an impaired sense of plot. Slash awareness. Which is why when I got up to chapter 19, I went "holy shit".
You see, like Lucas, I kinda got the impression that Isobel was a kind, sweet, shy, loveable, protection-needing female protagonist. Thanks to this misguided impression, I thought she was a bit... crazy (insane?) and overreactive when it came to Lucas and his knight-in-armor-and-shit moments. And then,
Shit got real.
We aaalll knew Isobel had "out-of-the-pic" parents. But because they weren't mentioned, THAT much, I didn't really think of what being "alone" would have made Isobel: SELF RELIANT/RESOURCEFUL/EXTRA MATURE/
more grown up than anyone else she knows.
When I read chapter 19, it shouldn't have been such a big deal that it "turns out" that Isobel is pissed because even though she's more qualified to take care of herself than anyone else people still treat her like she's two.

But I didn't see it COMING.

I mean, I'm on fiction press, looking for some
romance/fantasy/comedy/celebrity stories. Yours had lovely writing, Kool Kay characters, actual humor, and all that other shit that, tbh, other stories have. But you also has chapter 19.

Which gave this story realistic, understandable, oceanic DEPTH that most stories don't have.

And I realized.

You are an author.
You have the potential to be one.
You could write a BOOK, which in all due honesty, is guaranteed to be 10000000000.99999x better than the shit they have up in chick lit right now.
Even in young adult.

So Kudos to you, genius fictionpresser.
You're an example to us all.
8/23/2013 c21 Prodigee123
8/20/2013 c21 genuisgina
This story was awesome. I shed a few tear during the intervention.
8/9/2013 c21 Dominique Diane
This story took my breath away. I loved every single word you wrote and laughed about all the things Lucas, Xavier and Mark did like you have no idea! A long time ago, I read a similar story in Spanish, about a couple that had to get married for convenience, it is unfinished and after reading it I start looking for a story as good for many months. And you know what? I found it and was even greater that "Personal Preference" (Preferencia Personal). This story was so much fun to read, ans I'm willing to thank you and congratulate you for letting us read such a wonderful story! Your writing style was fantastic and I dind't find any orthographical mistake while readong it, which is pretty awesome.
Also I want to say that the last chapter, from Tarquin's pov, was one of my favourite parts. From seeing him like a screwed and sad 8 years-old kid to a 13 years-old teen to now a 16 years-old young adult. It was great! I'm happy that Isobel could keep her promise of staying with him and teaching him "pretty much everything else" and now having a baby with Lucas. I can totally imagine why her nickname is Dizzy (: Ah, I almost forgot! Who's Jasper's mom? Mark as a father is a great mental picture! And Caleb, he's still such a sweet boy! Also Andy, God!
With all my love,
Dominique Diane.
PS: Please publish it!
8/8/2013 c21 1CaNnAbIsCaToNtHeLoOsE
I just want to say that this is one of only three stories that I have read on this website so far that left that feeling in my chest afterwards, that feeling that you really understand and relate to certain aspects of each character and made me genuinely depressed that it had to end.
Thank you very much for writing such a wonderfully real and lovely story.
Cat. X
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