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for Enemies Disguise

5/24/2010 c1 eiyuang999
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3/27/2008 c6 selfish4more
that was sad, and it made me cry o why did he have to die?
5/28/2007 c5 GreyStar Dreams
I'm so sorry that i have'nt reviewed you in ages! Please don't hate me! So she was like an experiment? To destroy vampires! This is getting soo good! I have nothing to say about this except that it was really good! A silver cross is s'posed to be very good against warding off vampires. Y'know? Silver? lol. I'll read more as soon as i can!

From laughter
5/18/2007 c5 2566567
Wow! You're story is incredeble! Kind of reminds me of one I wrote a few years back with the supernatural creatures an' all. But like I said, you have so much talent...in fact...I envy you... ^-^
5/13/2007 c4 GreyStar Dreams
hey wah! Did Kai kill her? Gr... How could he do something like that! And eww... he's her teacher! She was checking him out! I mean him and terrie would be interesting but lil and Kai? God no! The second last paragraph was a bit rushed but i still understood it! I liked this chapter as well!

“you to Lilly.” um, i think the 'to' needs and extra 'o' so it's 'Too'. Ehh... don't be mad at me! I just had to point that out!

Yeah! THIS CHAPTER ROCKED! so he is a vampire! Is he? is he? ^_^

i hope to see more!

from laughter
5/12/2007 c3 GreyStar Dreams
I liked this chapter! It tells us a bit more about Mr. Kai and he seems like a very interesting person! But, when you start you might need some quotation marks to show the reader that he is speaking, otherwise it gets confusing. ^_^ I did like this chapter alot. Kai's cool! I wish he was my teacher! Wanna swap?

I look forward to seeing whatever else you come up with next! You have a very awsome imagination!

From Laughter
5/12/2007 c2 GreyStar Dreams
Mr. kai, the new teacher

is a very interesting man

This Terrie girl, what will he want with her

run terrie! Run while you can!

Vampires you say? What does this mean?

Could Kai be one too?

For Terrie, nothing is as it seems

What will Ms. Terrie do?

Lol, ^_^ I liked this chapter!

I'll be sure to read the next when i have the chance!

From Laughter
5/12/2007 c1 GreyStar Dreams
Hello! I know that I'm new at this and that I can't go saying things like this to people that have been on fictionpress longer then me but... the first chapter might scare away all potentional reviewers. Please don't hurt me! You don't have to get rid of it!

From Laughter

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