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for The Father of Lights: An Alternative History

6/29/2007 c8 dreamshell
Bonnie sounds like a lass worth knowing more about. It's always fun to see a tomboyish girl. And she's a smart one, at that.

Allen and Smith seem like interesting guys. Nice little bit about them. I like that line out of Wealth of Nations.

Hey, Big Tom's back. Nice.

Waiting for more. ;)

6/26/2007 c7 Edcrab
Getting interesting! Er... more interesting.

I wasn't sure how you'd pull off the alternate universe/historical fiction thing, but the reality/steampunk mix has gone from intriguing and promising to tried and proven ;) I'm already wondering how much variety we can be prepared to expect between the cultures of the neighbouring natures...
6/25/2007 c7 dreamshell
Good chapter. Cathay sounds like an... interesting(?) place. All that steamtech. :D The two-in-one idea with Tishul is cool, too.

Eager to see how all these different storylines connect.
6/24/2007 c7 28Erisah Mae
Interesting...your concept for the biomancer with two bodies... I like it!

One thing though...

"some cultural emersion” you wrote, in context of Sean learning Cathay... I think the term you are looking for is "cultural immersion".

Emersion is "1. Also called egress. Astronomy. the emergence of a heavenly body from an eclipse, an occultation, or a transit. Compare immersion (def. 5).

2. Archaic. the act of emerging."

... not quite what I think you meant.

Still, nice work ;) Can't wait to read more!

6/23/2007 c6 dreamshell
Another great chapter. I'm getting really pulled into the story now. Bantay sounds like an interesting figure. I like the idea of being able to interpret waves.

Is the sender of this mysterious message possibly "dead, but dreaming"? Heh heh. No, it's probably not him, huh? Oh, well...

Oh, that's Paul with the other Redcoats, I'm guessing? Poor guy. Pivotal character moment, I bet. And seen from someone else's POV? Interesting approach.

The idea of a dolphin-shaped ceramic craft really intrigues me, too.

Hope to read more soon.

6/23/2007 c5 dreamshell
This chapter interests me the most so far. The Holy Catholic Empire sounds very cyberfetishist. And the "power of prayer" idea (ha ha) is very neat. Also, this particular chapter is, I think, the best edited.

6/23/2007 c6 Erisah Mae
"After all, it was the prayers of the faithful that allowed the Holy Catholic Empire to power its many war machines."

Now that is irony.

Very, very nice. Your complex plotline, with its myriad of interesting original characters, is brilliant in this unique world setting, which seems to have strong retro-science fiction influences.

I love it! This is brilliant! The way that you blend political commentary with quasi-history is intriguing.

I cannot wait to see where this goes!

6/18/2007 c4 dreamshell
Hey, the last chapters are great. Nice to see Risona back, he's a favorite. And I don't know anything about Khalid, but apparently he's been in something else of yours. Despite that, the Gray Dragon seems like a promising character. Also like the idea of a country ruled by a brain in a steampunk machine. :D

Toshiro/Paul also looks to be an interesting character. I'm eager to see where this all goes.

6/16/2007 c3 7Haku
Ah, Risona and Khalid! Long time no see with these guys. I like the humour that runs between the two of them, even though they're discussing matters of the utmost seriousness. Nice contrast between them, too.
6/13/2007 c2 Haku
This is brilliant. Your descriptions have become more lavish, and I sense you have a real affection for these characters; beyond enthusiasm or interest. I heartily await the rest of this tale.
6/9/2007 c2 28Erisah Mae
Very interesting... defintely keeping an eye on this one- the mixture of semi-historic drama with what looks like some supernatural elements is intriguing.


4/17/2007 c1 Edcrab
Hmm, intriguing. Not sure what direction you're ultimately taking here, but it smells like you've got a deliberately overblown, dark, brooding piece of historical colonial fiction in the works here. Sounds nasty- and a potentially awesome read, of course.
4/16/2007 c1 1Doktor Beppo
A very strange intro for sure. Seems like the Brits here aren't as (nice?) as their historical counterparts. And I shudder to think at what other colonialist powers might be like.
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