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5/18/2007 c1 18SummerSun325

i freaking LOVE this.

it's freaking AWESOME.

you crazy lil mofo.

i love the part that goes:

"All she needs is a guitar in her hands

and a tube of red lipstick

in the back pocket of her jeans."

it's pretty sweet.

this kinda reminds me of instant star.

idk why.

idk, my bff jill?

teehee, but yea, fucking awesome you lil fucker.

5/7/2007 c1 46antigonelives
"her eyes are a map of the world,

she smiles like a symphony.

Yet another song written about her

can’t she be nothing?"

I love those lines, and though I'm usually not a fan of simple, real, happy poetry, I liked this. It's simple, but you really get a feel for the poem, you know? Like I could relate to the speaker and all.

Off to read more of your work!

4/17/2007 c1 306Ashelin
I really liked this. It sounds really good if you listen to music with it too. Haha, yeah, that was weird. I loved the lines "she smiles like a symphony./Yet another song written about her/can't she be nothing?" I love it. Great job.

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