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6/8/2009 c8 10Blazeking
Walker, texas ranger? Awesome, as always. The cadejos were awesome. If Reeper managed to get one for himself, it'd be good protection. Another great chapter.
6/8/2009 c7 Blazeking
The Model Z has got to be the most interesting weapon I've ever read about. You continue to surprise by making the characters seem like good or bad, then showing their true nature.
6/8/2009 c6 Blazeking
Bummer and Lazarus? The Kraken a good guy? Awesome twist. Always nice to see these creatures showing some humanity. Keep up the good work.
6/8/2009 c5 Blazeking
Staker Lee? Awesome name. And Darkmoore turned out to be quite an interesting character. Great work.
6/8/2009 c4 Blazeking
Noah Feratu? Awesome. Constance seems like a good third wheel for the charcters. I hope she comes back.
6/8/2009 c3 Blazeking
Brimstone died a fitting death. "Not my blood! Not my blood!" Couldn't help but laugh at that. Another good one.
6/8/2009 c2 Blazeking
Loved the Sideshow Gang, and adding aliens makes it even sweeter.
6/8/2009 c1 Blazeking
A friend suggested I read this, and boy, was I surprised. Great story, rich characters, and good doses of action. Clark Reeper is definitely coolest gunslinging bounty hunter I've ever read about.
4/23/2009 c55 622Jave Harron
Awesome way to end the Africa trip! Some historical cameos, lots of action, and some familiar faces. Let's hope Asia's even more awesome!
4/3/2009 c2 2Michael Howard
The occasional misplaced comma or missing word does not distract from the high readability of this chapter. The action scenes are handled well and the narrative voice of Clark Reeper, alternately caring and world-weary, is quite compelling. Good job!
3/30/2009 c1 Michael Howard
Okay, that was different. And really, really good. Originality and a compelling writing style make a pleasing combination.
3/21/2009 c54 622Jave Harron
This chapter definitely had a lot of your characters colliding with each other: Luftkaiser, Trapper Jack, and Nero Van Wessel. Cecil Rhodes in all his racist glory was there, but I was surprised there was little Boers in here. Though I may have to just wait a bit.
3/16/2009 c54 3Zegram
Another great story my man. I really enjoyed the use of Rhodes in this chapter as a constant source of comic relief. I love it when someone takes a racist or another such close-minded but self-righteous individual and then portrays him as completely insane and having a passing knowledge of the world around him. I swear, when he said Clark looked ravishing in the moonlight I nearly died. One of my favorite bits from this story, however, was the return of Trapper Jack and his latest motivation to protect all the hunting grounds. Also the image of that big mountain man snake charming a massive serpent manages to be both comical and badass at the same time. One last thing to point out character wise. Lately in your writings I've been seeing quite a bit of this Nero Van Wessel guy. Is he just being used as a filler character in these places or are his constant showings up signs that he may be in line for more appearances or something of the like? However you play it is fine by me he's a pretty cool character.

Now about the mythology you chose as the backdrop of this story. I can honestly say I've never heard of any valley of diamonds or Grootslang but they both sound interesting. Maybe I'm just a scuker for giant nsakes being used as symbollic for the corruption and dangers of mass wealth. Great story though, reminds me that I need to check out some of your other writings. Maybe this Slick McCool nonsense, you give me a hippie with a katana and I am sold.
2/12/2009 c1 24TheJacklyn
LOVED it! It was a western version of Night of the Living Dead! I love the movie and the genre so it was the perfect story.

You like H.P. Lovecraft too?

2/7/2009 c53 622Jave Harron
Just read the last two chapters, and damn they were awesome. Heart of Darkness was cool, as was the previous chapter. Looking forward to see any more adventures in Africa. How about some "Ghost and the Darkness?"
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