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12/3/2008 c8 627Jave Harron
The Temperance chapter was hilarious. This one had some interesting proto-Nazis in it. While I can take some anachronistic guns and tech (like the Hotchkiss in the Mexican chapter, the Mauser pistols, the assault rifles in this one, and the airplane in another), I guess the year's not specified for a reason. There's also things like automaton killing machines and steampunk out the ass, so anachronism is what it's all about. Still, those things normally did come a bit later than the Wild West.
12/1/2008 c5 Jave Harron
These last few stories were awesome. Especially the Baby that Clark saved. I notice some stories are in first person, but others in third person. Any particular reason for doing this? Clark as first person is funny to read.
11/29/2008 c2 Jave Harron
Enjoying the first two chapters of this! A steampunk robot and the Roswell chapters were pretty interesting things for your protagonists to deal with. Plenty of hilarious anachronisms, and I'll be sure to check out the coming chapters!
11/23/2008 c15 14John Westcott
Well, Clark may not be much of an orator but you sure are! An excellent tale that reveals some of Clark's background in terms of his family. Josiah doesn't sound like the most likable fellow (or greatest father figure) in the world, which helps raise Clark in the reader's estimation. Well done!

I like the continuity you've been developing between these otherwise unrelated tales, as well. Including Trapper Jack. Will we see Ezekiel Leeds in the future? Sounds like it could be interesting.

Another fantastic tale! ;)
10/22/2008 c14 John Westcott
Just time for one chapter tonight, but as always, I loved it.

Guys named 'soapy' can never be trusted, for sure. ;)

I was also surprised to see a black sheriff in this time period. A tribute to blazing saddles perhaps? Giant bugs in the old west, huh? You've outdone yourself again. Your imagination astounds me. You know just how to appeal to that factor that makes a person's skin crawl.

P.S. what's the addy for your novel at amazon? The URL didn't come through on the announcement you sent (fictionpress email stripped it). Congrats on publishing! You should post the URL on your author profile page. I think you'll go far!
10/18/2008 c49 3Zegram
Very good tale, action, a dash of mystery, and some painful memories all swirling around to make for a good read. Gotta wonder, are all dime novelists so eccentric or does Clark only seem to attract the crazy ones? I thought for sure Zacharias would finally buy the farm but I guess he'll be leaving them alone regardless now. An unrelated question but have you ever read the Dresden files? Because these tales, especially some of the earlier ones, remind me of those books at times and not just with the protaganists' taste in coats.
9/19/2008 c48 Zegram
I really don't know how you work so fast on all these different series and manage to keep the quality up so well. Again, another great story. I enjoyed seeing some familiar faces again like Reily and everyone's favorite Zeppelin enthusiast and I gotta say Colonel Black is a welcome addition to the cast of Clark Reeper. Dueling pistol? Nice touch. I suppose I'll start reading your Mayhem McCoy series now while I wait for the next installment.
9/9/2008 c47 Zegram
Man alive you work fast. Seriously I just get finished with the last two, check my mail, and heres another one. Not that I'm complaining of course, good stuff here. I really liked the background for Charles and all that. So far his jewish roots hadn't been touched on a whole lot. Also it was cool to see you did some research because most people I talk to don't even know what hebrew is much less yiddish.
9/5/2008 c46 Zegram
I haven't been able to read lately due to school and all that but good job on these last two. I was a bit worried about Clark in that last one, really thought he was going crazy.
9/3/2008 c2 4TK-421
This is the first of the stories that have read from this group and I have to say that I'm very impressed. You fleshed out good characters and put them in odd environments that seem to fit.

Bravo. =)
9/2/2008 c43 sylenctone
Excellent! I'm glad Clark's friends held an intervention and got him cleaned up. I'm sure he and Charles will get into all sorts of delightful trouble on their world tour. It was fun to meet up with Clark's old acquaintances and such too. The idea of resurrecting cultural bogeymen was interesting, and so was using their literary weaknesses to defeat them. I must say that this line made me laugh aloud at work: “Who could imagine the British Empire saved by a round chap named Winston, eh?” Such fun!

Thanks for writing!

9/2/2008 c42 sylenctone
Hehee! That was a fun chapter. Somehow I doubt Zog will just go home now either. It seems that no matter where Charles goes, trouble will follow. I'm off to read a bit more!

Thanks for writing!

8/22/2008 c41 sylenctone
I'm rather pleased there is a 'between hazes' for Clark to be in. This story was a bit disturbing in a way. Well, alternative realities always give me that creeping feeling for some reason. Still, the irony of Willard Griffin helping him was just too fun. I guess Charles will appreciate the kindness of his friends a bit more for a little while. But I worry that alternate Doc Torrent might make the same mirrors and pop in on them again. Ah well, I suppose I shall have to wait and see. I'm really stopping this time. I need to sleep at some point.

Thanks for writing!

I really do enjoy these stories.

8/22/2008 c40 sylenctone
I really am liking the way Catherine's character is growing and fleshing out. And Charles has been basically taking Clark's place lately. He might not be a brawler but he's picked up a few useful things along the way. And I doubt he's seen the last of Zog. Princes always seem the time to hold a grudge. heh. This story had a lovely bit of the philosophy of fiction nestled in there. The little bit of farce at the end there made me smile. I do believe young Charles was wrong about that. heh.

Thanks for writing!

Hope to read more soon,

8/22/2008 c39 sylenctone
I always suspected there was something peculiar about Winston, but this wasn't exactly what I expected. I'm glad they managed to clean Clark up a bit but I wonder how long that's going to last. This was a fun chapter! Thanks for writing!

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