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8/22/2008 c38 sylenctone
Oh poor Clark. I do rather hope he manages to pull himself together soon. Charles seems to be holding up well. It seems he can get into plenty of trouble even without Clark's help. I wonder what Clark thought when Charles was gone... or if he even noticed. Catherine's character is developing nicely and I'm still rather fond of Cornelius. Summers here are crazy but things are winding down and I finally have time to read again!

Thanks for writing!

7/19/2008 c43 3Zegram
I just got around to finishing all of the tales and I gotta say it was pretty amazing. There were a few mistakes here or there that were a bit distracting but the stories themselves were more than good enough to make up for it. The only thing that would be better than the Clark Reeper tales would be The Brimstone Brown tales, XD.
7/9/2008 c4 2Sugar Duck
Very nice! Lingo was good, characters were awesome. All around this had all the elements a good story needs. Probably the best thing I've read on this site. Better, even, then several novels I've read! I can't wait to read more of your works.
7/2/2008 c13 14John Westcott
So brutal the Tsar disowned them? That's brutal indeed.

I swear Clark is gonna get that boy killed.

"The great figure was silent for a little, and then his mouth opened, like a boulder rolling aside to reveal a cave" - I wish I had written that line.

I was thinking this was just a historical tale until the gollem part crept in. Nicely done, sir. I didn't even see that coming. Your knowledge of historical mysteries is encyclopedic indeed.
6/30/2008 c1 1BilliamTheBard
Wow i mean wow, that was inspiring dear sir. As a matter of fact it was mind blowing you do not want to see the wall next to me.
6/15/2008 c40 NerdMan
These stories are awesome. Period.
6/13/2008 c12 14John Westcott
For some reason, this tale is, IMHO, heads and shoulders above everything else I've read in this series to date. Right from the first paragraph: "The town of San Mateo melted in the hot Texas sun. Shattered glass lay undisturbed on the barren streets. Paint peeled on the walls of abandoned buildings as wooden shop fronts slowly decayed and fell apart. The town was barren of all life, even the coyotes and vultures kept clear of San Mateo. It was a ghost town, and yet there was something odd about it, a dark foreboding that seemed to inhabit the derelict buildings in the place of townspeople. The unsettled feeling only multiplied as the sun set in the desert, and the shadows in San Mateo grew long and twisted. It was as if the ghost town was preparing itself, changing its form completely as the sun went down for some unknown purpose."

this vignette sets itself apart from the rest. Not that the rest were bad, this one is just especially well written, the perfect Halloween story, really. Your depiction of this ghost town literally gave me the shivers. Very, very nicely done. I was glad to see Whitfield get what he deserved, and that Clark's sense of justice is like mine. ;) Scary, huh?
6/3/2008 c1 1The Souvenir
Oh my gosh... this was the most amazing thing. I love you for this. XD Never thought I'd be reading about the walking dead in a Western story!
5/19/2008 c11 14John Westcott
This is probably my favorite series on fictionpress right now. Charles is starting to kick a little ass on his own now isn't he? So much for the nature Vs. nurture argument. ;)

The voodoo aspect of the story is one of the best macabre elements you've utilized since you started this series. My favorite has been the vampires and I admit some ideas fit better than others, but the voodoo thing makes perfect sense since it has existed for a long, long time.
5/13/2008 c37 sylenctone
God, that was sad! It was wonderful, but oh so sad. I just want the hug the pair of them. Poor things. Still, I suppose it would have been a bit too much to ask for everyone to live 'happily ever after' anyway. As always, it was a pleasure to read.

Thanks for writing!

5/13/2008 c36 sylenctone
Awesome! Cthulhu VS Giant Mech! You had me grinning throughout this entire chapter. It just amuses me that your characters are so nonchalant and unphased by all the weird stuff that happens to them. These stories are so much fun!

Thanks for writing!

4/29/2008 c35 sylenctone
I think I have to agree with Jennifer Chaos, Clark can get into trouble anytime, anywhere. But it is such entertaining trouble! Your version of history is such fun!

Thanks for writing,

4/29/2008 c34 sylenctone
Oh that was fun! I rather liked Lord Darkmoore. I was a bit sad to see him go off like that. A pleasure to read, as always!

Thanks for writing!

4/26/2008 c10 John Westcott
So, Clark's been to Canada, huh? As a native of the country I'd like to see that adventure. What's he do? Have a fall out with a wild Eskimo tribe? ;)

I imagine the gold rush would provide some interesting tales for him.

Man, I got carried away and forgot that I was reviewing a story. ;)

Charles is living a real life of danger with Clark, needing sometimes constant rescuing.

Was there such a thing as child protection services back then? I imagine not. ;)

Another great tale of Clark Reeper, the wild west's wildest hero!
4/26/2008 c9 John Westcott
That was one massively macabre and wild tale! I've never read another western adventure even remotely like it. Congrats on being a TRUE ORIGINAL!
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