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12/21/2007 c2 sylenctone
These are fun! You've got an interesting take on the old west and adding in the supernatural gives it a nicely entertaining twist. I like Charles too.

Thanks for writing. I'll keep reading!

12/19/2007 c1 1Emeline67
this is really cool! the way you wote it so that it sounds like he is really talking in an old western way is great!
10/30/2007 c1 1Z-Man
Just one problem I had with this: That kid, Charles, has an amazingly unnatural immunity to violence and death! Wouldn't the events of the first chapter at least phase him a little?
10/29/2007 c1 8pyromantis
i loved this story.

the character of Clark Reeper is very well rounded, tough when he's working, but not an altogether callous character. even the supporting characters were well written and well realised. it's hard to find good wierd west stuff these days (or have i misused that term?) and this is some of the best i've ever read.

moreover, aside from the odd spelling and grammar mistake (many of which i make myself in the general course of writing at 4am when very tired!) it's some of the best stuff i've ever read on fictionpress. well done, and i look forward to reading the other chapters.

10/17/2007 c2 Readingwhiz
Hi, another good story. I especially like what they did to Little Napoleonat the end. My one question is why do you describe Klark's hat as crumbling instead of battered, tattered, dusty, beat up, banged up ... you know something more hat like? Keepup the good work.
9/29/2007 c1 Readingwhiz
I like this guy. Keep writing about him and I'll keep reading about him. I absolutely love the fact that each chapter is a complete story.
9/26/2007 c4 8Le Meg
Awesome. I want a pink parasol to kill vampires with. I think that so far my favorite thing about these stories (beyond the amazing inclusion of, you know, the zombies and vampires and stuff) is that it's so brilliantly slapstick. And the dialect definitely helps. I think I'm going to try and bring "I reckon" back into fashion.
9/13/2007 c1 Le Meg
Oh. My. God. This is possibly the most amazing story I've ever read. Not only are there cowboys and Indians, there are bounty hunters, robots, vampires, zombies, and the word "capitol" used in a sentence. And it's well written! And funny! I'm so coming back here.
7/27/2007 c11 ReelWriter101
awesome! hoping to read more.
6/14/2007 c1 9seventhchords
Awesome. I haven't read many Westerns, but you got me reeled in right from the start with this one. Very well-written narrative; I'll be looking forward to more of this. Great work!
6/8/2007 c8 6Carmel March
Thank you so much for writing this story. It's been a pleasure to read. I hope to see more stories from you in the future :)

6/6/2007 c2 14John Westcott
Though the previous zombie story was more to my liking than this alien story, it's still an excellent installment filled to bursting with colorful characters. The Sideshow gang were impressive original creations, as were the encounters with the aliens who bleed blue blood (does that mean they're royalty? ;).

As always, looking forward to the next installment and whatever situation our hero gets himself into next.
5/20/2007 c1 John Westcott
A western/occult amalgam. Excellent idea! I'll be honest, standard westerns bore me. But when you mix them with another genre, suddenly they come alive to me. I've only read the first chapter so far and already I'm mightily impressed. Reminds me of a video game, I think it was called Darkwatch or something, mixing vampire lore and a western motif together. This may be my favorite western collection here on and it's superbly crafted, too. Congrats! You're the first author to be added to my favorites list in a long time. ;)
5/13/2007 c7 6Carmel March
Hello again. This was an excellent installment. Your characters are very well-developed, strong, and likable. Good job on this, and I hope to see more of this soon :)

5/12/2007 c6 Carmel March
This was an absolutely wonderful story. It was extremely entertaining, well written, and interesting. You've got a real talent for storytelling :)

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