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for The Path Less Traveled

1/29/2011 c1 63Lifeshade
Oh my goodness those last two lines are genius. So very amazing. :)
7/11/2010 c1 17bunny.one.three
"The ground there is uneven, filled with

ruts to make you fall, take away your hope

I soon found out, the hard way

As I continued my journey…alone"

I think... it sounds a bit awkward there.

It's a good poem... the last line was the best.
12/8/2009 c1 rachelraj88
but reaching towards what you've learn to be unique is beinng different from the others,

the least travelled road can teach us patience, trust and love,

it is not easy to go against the flow of the world but whenever you reach the end, you somehow will feel satisfied because you have a differenht story to tell people about the pathe you travelled.
8/7/2009 c1 4GreenField
I love it. I think a lot of people will relate to this. I love how your portraying the idea of this poem and not sounding complicated. Well done.
12/27/2008 c1 Chasing Skylines
Wow, I liked the conclusion; it wrapped it up, and provided imagery.

I disliked the 'UNIQUE!' thing, it was pretty sudden and out of sync with the rest. Unless you wanted it that way? Also, the rhyming scheme was pretty off at times; it didn't seem to follow a particular pattern at all.

-Review Marathon, link in profile
4/14/2008 c1 17Azena Kira
I overall really liked the poem. It was great.

However, I found it odd that just a few lines rhymed, then it went back to free verse. So yeah, I thought that was weird...

A line I had a little problem with is where you put "UNIQUE!" I thought it was a little distracting...

Other than those, yeah I really liked the poem overall.

1/11/2008 c1 31Lurid Black
Sweet, really well written:

'The ground there is uneven, filled with

ruts to make you fall, take away your hope'

Sweet lines, really well thought up, keep writing!

10/23/2007 c1 3Gingitsune-chan
Er... I like your overall voice. The tone of it is insightful... Did you get inspiration from Robert Frost? Perhaps mocking what he once said about a "Road less Traveled?"
4/20/2007 c1 scotti
Ah, but when you turn around take a long look at how far you've traveled...the trials that you've over come...look at how much stronger you've become because you were brave enough to take the path less traveled...the narrow path.

Beautiful piece, Chaos. I did get a little chuckle at the last line...nice touch/play on words.

4/18/2007 c1 Counting Petals
Ha, I liked the pun in the last line. =)
4/18/2007 c1 2brightlywound93
loneliness and broken SOLES lol.. I like this..it's hard to be unique, isnt it?

4/18/2007 c1 4The Monkey King of Pirates
Beautifully said, as always!

I am going to add it to my favs and to my C2!

Best Wishes!


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