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11/25/2008 c1 karida
this is a refreshing read...

I love Chris' personality, he soo rocks and i know i'm gonna enjoy reading more about him...

;D awesome job!
6/21/2008 c24 8PencilSketchS
i just finished this and i must say it was very cute and nicely done. i loved Chris and Jason, even Becca. i felt sorry for Justin but he seems to be doing okay. i take it u either have a box of stories and/or a metal bat lying around right? there were alot me characters thrown in often but u made them real so that was okay. anyway i'm off to read the rest of your stories
5/21/2008 c1 3Ty Taco

I officially feel like dumbass.

I want to start off by saying that this story [and the rest of your writing] is absolutely amazing.

But...that last review I sent...wasn't for you.

I had 2 reviewing windows open, and I sent ShadowKiteKitsune your review and you his.


So...I still want you to know that your story is just as amazing as the previous review said...just clearing up I kinda sent the wrong thing to the wrong place.


I just re-read my review, and it totally makes sense.

Except for the other novel thingy.

I haven't read any of your other stuff YET.

I will after this though.

But other than the other novel comment, the review works perfectly for your novel.


I think you should write another M/M novel like APFYT.

This book is seriously one of my favs on here, and I would totally read and review if you write another one.

Maybe a sequel?

Maybe they get "committed" and have children.

Shows the ACTUAL struggles of marriage and children for the LGBT community.

That would be really nifty.


Yes I said nifty.


[can you tell I have ADHD? PROBABLY!]

But I really do think you should write another slash novel.

Even if it isn't a sequel to APFYT.

I would totally read and review every chapter.

[did I previously state that? PROBABLY!]

And I would totally BETA for you.

[FINALLY, something I didn't already say.]

[Gosh...I'm so unoriginal I have to copy off MYSELF!]

[I'm really hyper and your probably scared to death my this

hyperactive review]

I'm gonna go now.

I like typing.

And reviewing.

Specially new people.

It's fun.

Even though most of them think I'm crazy [understandably] and never Review Reply.



I think my hyperactivity has scared you enough for today.

So I'm gonna go.



5/21/2008 c24 Ty Taco
This story was AMAZING.


Finally a slash about an actual relationship, not just two guys having sex and pretending to be a couple.

I swear, most of them [except yours] are about couples that cheat and lie and steal and are nymphomaniacs.

I can hardly stand it.

I'm glad there is at least one author that writes about a relationship between two honest, lovable, and realistic characters and their friends.

I really did love this story.

I read another one of yours today.

I will review it in a minute.

But I loved it just as much.

Thanks for being such a great author.


4/20/2008 c24 Die In A Hole With Penguins
I LOVE IT! Woo For You! Great Story
10/30/2007 c24 10CaFFy
Lol. There should have been more sex. :D

Yay... story done.
10/30/2007 c20 CaFFy
Snakes? so simple. lol. I love snakes. =]
10/30/2007 c9 CaFFy
HEHEHE Busted.
10/29/2007 c2 CaFFy
We should all gang up on the dad. =D
10/14/2007 c24 15Switch
Hey, I just wanted to let you know this story has been added to the C2 Community, "High School Confidential," a place just for slashy high school stories. Please check it out! ^_^
9/17/2007 c24 Wyrem's Glasses
Hey M,

Guess what, it's only been forever since you posted these last two chapters but I went back and read them again for the hell of it because I miss everyone.

It's not the same without high school and with all my friends out being successful. Oh well.

Here's that review I said I'd post because I never did get around to it and you totally deserve for me to give you one for it. You need to keep writing because you can finish your thoughts unlike some of us.

I miss hanging out with you and stuff. My week's been terrible, though it's just started, but being able to come back and read this story helps my mood a lot.

I think I'm going to go play video games or something since everyone's at work or school so I have no one to hang out with. Keep me updated alright? I wanna know how you're doing and everything when you get the chance.

Missing High School Hugs,

7/31/2007 c24 4Amindaya
I think that was a really nice way to end it, by showing what their lives are like in the future. :D
7/31/2007 c23 Amindaya
Haha, yeah that's always the best way to make up!
7/28/2007 c22 Wyrem's Glasses
I can't leave the long review I wanted to because that would be really awkward and I have to go and clean up the blood from the nosebleed I got because of this chapter.

Anyway...Great chapter, keep it up, you're a great writer. Eat some cake, feel better knowing it's not me who made it because everyone seems to think I can't cook.

(I'll show you all one day...just because Wy can't doesn't mean the the main ego of the body is the same way thank you very much.

Wy: I resent that)

Okay, time to go because wow.

Yes, that did make sense somehow, get over it..

That's it!

7/28/2007 c17 14Rayne Auster
Okay, Im confused. In chapter 5 Jason is surprised that his gran knows he is gay and the gran says his mother told her. It also implies that it was Jason's mother that sent him to his gran to get him away from his dad.


“Don’t worry, you think you’re mother would’ve let you stay with me if I was going to spurn you when you slipped up? Give her some credit. She did manage to get you away from your father after all.”

This chapter implies that both of Jason's parents surned him and that it was in actual fact Jason's grandmother and not his mother that got him out by getting cutody of him.


“Well Granny came to visit just as she found out the news. When she was at the door, I thought she was going to kill me. Instead, she exploded at my parents, telling them they had no right to raise a child if that’s how they were going to treat one. That’s when Granny gained custody of me until I’m eighteen.

Other than the confusion I am enjoying this. Thanks
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