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for So Sick

7/20/2007 c1 87Kissing Concrete
creepy, and very teen angsty. the rhyming was really well done and i really liked it:)
4/22/2007 c1 33WyrdWolf
Your poems are good to read. Both to oneself, and aloud. I like the lines in general in this, the congolomeration, not specifically. Strong poem.

4/21/2007 c1 174a silenced revolution
Great rhyming. I liked it.
4/21/2007 c1 Atlantic-Tree-Rat
Okay, I have to say this, don't h8 meez! ...But I don't like how you end this poem and one of your otha onez wid like the second verse thing you've used before. It's like.. .. .. I dunno, I jst dnt lyk it... Sorry 0.0


Aniway, in ur othat poem it was like "Absurd? Ludicrous? Crazy? Or sane?

Different? Diverse? Contrary? Or the same?" Yeh, thatz like a way betta conclusion.

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