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6/26/2007 c19 3KawaiiNeko123
Kyaa! I loved this chapter. Finally, getting somewhere with Seaton and Jayden. Although, I do love the fact that everything was just building up. Hehe! And now I'm curious about Seaton's past as well. Before I was like "whatever", but now I'm totally interested. Please, keep updating. =D And soon!
6/26/2007 c19 Squeegee
Why do you do this to me. It seemed like forever since you last updated, and now ANOTHER cliff hanger. *sniff* _ Oh well, i was so happy yesterday when i saw you had updated, ^^ Thank you. But they KISSED! I want to know more, I MUST! Isn't Jayden a bit emotionaly traumatised for Seaton to be doing that. tsk tsk Seaton. :P hehe, i'm sure it will all be clear soon... or more messed up. *shrug* :) Update sooner please. *big puppy dog eyes*
6/26/2007 c19 blackrose214
wooho! new chapter! =D lucky me. but oh how could you? A cliffie! Don`t do that! They`re evil!

I like the way you let Jayden tell his story - with the "I don`t know how much of that I really said out loud" as afterthought. Has a nice effect. (but of course it`s "poor Jayden" all over again. T_T)

anyway: I`m looking forward to the next brilliant update. :D
6/26/2007 c18 Chameleonduality
Ah fuck. I accidentally clicked the 'Submit Review' button, and sent the review before I was finished the review on Chapter 19. *Slapping herself* I'm a numpty! (stupid person, yet again a Scottish word) Anyway... this refers to Chapter 19, even though it SAYS it's for Chapter 18, 'cause fictionpress won't let me send a review twice from the same pc. Ach...

So, ANYWAY... yes, I will hit Seaton if he does that. There was a goddamn lot of italics in this chappie, but it fitted it/needed it. Nice depiction of a panic attack. And I liked the way Jayden remembered it all, but wasn't exactly sure of how much he said out loud. That was nice.

Phew, I'm exhausted. I went for a run around the fields near my house (yes, I'm a country bumpkin, and yes, in true Northern Ireland fashion, it WAS indeed raining), then I ran up and down my lane a few times. I'm tired now. And strangely cold, even though I changed and have jeans and a hoody on now. So; no hugely long review this time, I'm afraid. I'll just have to leave you now, while tapping my feet to The Clash's 'London Calling' (SCARILY good album. Listen to it if you haven't!)

Anywho, can't wait for the next chapter! And that was a slightly evil cliffhanger to leave it at. But hey, that's what keeps the readers gripped! See ya soon! =)

Peace. ^.^
6/26/2007 c19 Chameleonduality
=) Ah, the plot just thickened! So many questions to be answered in later chapters! Who is Seaton's dad, and why is he running from him? What did Seaton do? And we now know what Seaton was! He's now an ex-cop, Artist and Master Hypnotist, according to the Word of Jayden. Hehe!

Okay, I won't be TOO happy about Seaton kissing Jayden... I'm sure there'll be more said later about that. As long as Seaton doesn't go all 'Ah I'm such a bad person, kissing a minor' and run off/isolate himself from Jayden. 'Cause then I'll have to hit him.
6/26/2007 c19 25Esquirella
Okay then! Seaton IS gay and not an artist but in witness protection, or at least laying low. AND he likes Jayden, too, BUT Jayden's jailbait. What a mess!
6/26/2007 c19 heartxjelly
Ahh, I'm hooked.

It's kinda funny how everyone Jayden knows is weird or messed up in the head.

With the exception of Corin that is.

I hope you update really fast but with those cliff hangers, you won't update fast enough with all my anxiousness :]
6/26/2007 c19 Meller
okay you can't just leave off like that! It's going to feel like eternity before I read the next chappter now. So Seaton is in hiding from...his dad? WHY! Mafia? Im glad jayden finally opened up. I was going too slap him. Charlie is going bye bye. Maybe seaton should beat him up. For fun. Seaton used to be a cop but then he was fired because of...i think it was beating someone up? That sucks. He can't leave and go somewhere else though because he has to stay with Jayden! Sigh finally they kiss. Ok you better update soon. like on one or two days. that is all i can take. I will be miserable if you take longer.
6/26/2007 c19 Andi
I liked Charlie cause he may have been a pedophile but atleast he showed Jayden some attention. It may have been in the wrong fourm but I don't know, everyone needs to know what its like to be loved and Jayden didn't know and Charlie showed him in a creepy way.

I almost had a heartattack when I saw you updated.
6/26/2007 c19 2tleiaxu
I read your story this morning and I just registered for the site because of it XD I am completely ensnared. Jayden's voice is so interesting and genuine, I feel like I am actually reading something he wrote ^.^ So *HUG* I can't wait to read what you have in store for him. It is relieving to read a story that deals with that kind of situation realistically and not all story-book black and white like so many stories I've read ^^

I must say about the last chapter, Seaton kissed him after all that? I hope Jayden doesn't totally freak because I know I would! Poor kid :'(
6/26/2007 c19 5Hitomi Uraya
My. That was a very informative chapter. I feel sorry for Jayden though. Why'd his father have to always beat him and not for the reason of him killing his mother? There has to be an alternative reason as to why Jayden is beaten. Hmm. I wonder what might happen in the next chapter. Sex between Jayden and Seaton maybe? That would be awesome... Well, nice chapter. Update when you have the chance.
6/26/2007 c19 4HotTimali
Yay! good god, i hate charlie so mucho! Anywho, well done! A really good chapter and o, interesting story line!

Thank christ Seaton's kissed Jayden, bout bloody time! lol



x x x
6/26/2007 c19 uggabugga
i know i've never reviewed before.

but holy shit.

things have gotten crazy.

Seaton an ex-cop?

i thought he was the undercover cop.

and now im interested in all that stuff with his dad.

five counts of brutality?

what was he a bad ass cop or something?

and i can't believe Jayden said everything.

its about damn time.

but still it was just blunt and too the point.

not jayden.


and that was the weirdest reaction from Seaton.

kissing him.

i wasn't 100% sure that Seaton liked him.

i wanted him too.

and i could see a little attraction.

but i figured he wouldn't do anything for the fear of messing Jayden up even more.

and what happens now that every things out?

will Jayden just go back home the next morning.

and probably get a beating.

and the things go back to normal?

anyways sorry for all the questions.

couldn't help myself.


but please update soon.

i have grown an addiction to this story.

but its the best addiction i've ever had.

P.S.i've never had a 'real' addiction.

like im not a druggie or anything.

i had to put this in here so you dont think the wrong thing.

6/26/2007 c19 ddz008
Great chapter! I'm so glad that you have updated! :) So he WAS a cop XD What did he do and why exactly is he hiding? It's good that he want's to help Jayden even if he doesn't understand why he needs help. You're mean! How could you finish the chapter just like that? Well... at least now we know that Seaton is gay and that he may like Jayden XD Why did he kissed him? I'm glad he did... but like you said I don't think everything will be ok now... How will they react? Please! Update soon! P.S. I hate Charlie and Alfred (but I hate Charlie more XD)
6/26/2007 c19 11a.s. bygones

Okay, I really need to stop reading my gay pr0n in the middle of a crowded computer lab, especially when young people are near me.


This was a great chapter! The end was absolutely perfect - and the way you hinted at Seaton's past was really well done. Nice!
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