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6/25/2007 c19 7Love Eternally
::TEAR:: I LOVE THIS STORY! And I was right! ::happy dance:: He was a cop! Sorry had to do the happy dance. I've been predicting that since you introduced seaton. I feel smart. But I can't believe he's hiding from his dad. And he kissed him! He finally kissed him! Probably because of what Jayden said at the end right, about him being perfect? I want to cry now. It was beautiful.
6/25/2007 c19 Midnights Scream
*grins* amazing!I'd say more, but I'm really tired and too excited, by the story to say much. good job!:)
6/25/2007 c19 14Night Play

so fucking good!

i can't wait for the next chapter. :D

this was like, my favorite chapter so far. so wel written.
6/25/2007 c19 Katster2967
First... I want my plushie because Jayden is absolutely adorable.

Second.. what's happening with the teacher who picked him up from jail? Was that a one time thing?

and it's amazing how you've managed to make a lot of this so believable. especially since it was slow paced.

It would be fun to know what's going through seaton's mind. I'm not really sure WHY he thought it was the right moment to kiss jayden. My guess is that he just heard the story and that jayden has a crush on him and he's being so adorable that he just had to.

i don't know though. It doesn't match up with the person who follows rules so closely that he throws out his cigarettes...and jayden is definately off limits for him. makes you wonder what his past is.
6/25/2007 c19 2SecretWhispers
Seaton was a cop? I kind of guessed that. It seemed to fit him. PLEASE update now!
6/25/2007 c19 3otter pop
OH MY GOSH! Okay so I'm pretty ecstatic right now. This is so perfect! He kissed him *imagine me singing that over and over, because that's what i'm doing*

So Seaton's liked him for a while, eh? 'Cause in the begining JAcob was all "I know you're all bent over but he's a MINOR" and Seaton talked about Jay to Jacob.

Oh wow. This sure is a lot to handle. Okay well I just might read this chapter again because I'm in love with it so much. Yeah. Alrighty then I'll just leave you to your other reviews. =D
6/25/2007 c19 Meri
wow what a cliffy to leave me hanging on, and the chapter was amazing! I loved every word. and my monkeys name is George...casue i always wanted a monkey like curious george and i have hundreds of stuffed toys too!..not all are named tho cause i also have tons of pets and i run out of ideas so i stick to naming the pets first:p
6/25/2007 c19 4HazyDayClearNight
So fucking amazing. I love this story.

This chapter may have been enhanced by playing "I Want to Save You" by Something Corporate in the background but...maybe. Maybe it's just perfect all by it's lonesome.

Seriously, I need more soon. I'm not averse to begging.
6/25/2007 c19 Kasee Lara

This barely counts as a review but: THEY KISSED!

Love this story, by the way.
6/25/2007 c19 8Thecreativewritingstudent
You have no idea how excited I was when I saw you updated! This chapter was...wow! I'm really interested to know about Seaton's past, and to read more about the KISS.
6/25/2007 c19 10vimaro22

So, Seaton was a cop. That semi-explains a lot. And it was a nice twist; I wasn't expecting it.

And Seaton certainly moves fast!

Please update soon.
6/25/2007 c19 4Amindaya
I saw the alert for this and I was like, "Yes!" And I stopped right in the middle of a sentence I was reading of this other story to click on the link. :D

This chapter is just...everything I expected it to be. *happy sigh* And now with the Seaton kissing thing...yikes! In a way, it's an asshole thing to do since Jayden has just described how Charlie took advantage. But, also, I've been waiting for it to happen. So I'm kind of divided. It's like a YAY combined with really really bad timing.

I can't wait for the update! Son, please. For almost the whole past week I wanted to PM you and bug you, "Hey, are you going to update BtM?" And I'm just as eager for the next chapter now. :D
6/25/2007 c18 Katster2967
I love that you pay attention to the details and that each thing is linked to something with no open strings. :)
6/24/2007 c18 3KawaiiNeko123
Wow. =D This story was wonderful. I think I have a thing for abuse stories... If only for the fact that I can relate. I love Jayden's character, too. The way he thinks, the way he feels he HAS to act, it's just... I don't know. I just love the way he's depicted. =D Please, update soon. x3 I have, yet, another favorite story to look forward too.
6/23/2007 c18 8Thecreativewritingstudent
I feel so guilty for not reviewing the other chapters, even though I've been reading this story since you first started posting it. I'm lazy...but please forgive me. I love this story so much and I'm going to make an effort to acutally get off my high horse and praise you, because you deserve it.

This is amazing...please update soon.
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