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6/12/2007 c18 7Love Eternally
Hey. Wow. What can I say about this chapter? The beginning was cute, with Jayden all happy about staying the night at Seatons. It was adorable. But seriously, Charlie needs stabbed with a very sharp object multiple times. Same with Alfred. They're all insane. But seriously, was I right about the cop thing?
6/12/2007 c18 Squeegee
Whoa. That was an intenses chapter, poor Jayden. *sniff* _ And you left it with a cliff hanger *shakes fist at you* hehehe, update soon, I cant wait for the next chapter! ^_^
6/12/2007 c18 Iamausername
What about those monkeys that, y'know, howl, flip out and fling poo? Those monkeys are hilarious...when you're not on the receiving end of said flung poo.

That being said...OMG cliffhanger! Why on earth is Lieutenant whatshisface interrupting Jayden and Seaton's alone time? They should be cuddling right now dammit! Cuddling!

I can't seem to get enough of this story. I get so excited when I start reading a new chapter, then so very sad when I get to the end and have nothing left to read. I want more *cries*

This is one of the best hurt/comfort/child abuse-y/whatever genre it fits in, stories I've read. Seriously. You've got some wicked talent.

Can't wait to read more!
6/12/2007 c18 Alex1316
cliffhanger! you keep making me try to click on the [] next chapter button, and it isnt there! update soon! I hoping my assumtions towards seaton are correct, and i cant wait to find out!

6/12/2007 c18 25Esquirella
I'm surprised Suki and Linda didn't castrate Alfred right there, being that he was so obvious about his disgusting abuse of his son. Can Seaton ... handle Charlie now? Please, please?
6/12/2007 c18 5Violet Beatrice Baudelaire
Left on sort of a cliffhanger...good. Chapter was brill...can't wait for the update..i fact, i DEMAND more!(no,i'm only joking).Charlie really shows his true colours, doesn't he? I'm so glad Jayden stood up to him. :-
6/12/2007 c18 2HollyJolly4u
This story gets better and better every time that i read it seriously. I love this story! And I love Seaton and how Jayden is finally starting to talk to him more, aww i wanted to cuddle him when he just kept on crying saying he was sorry and sorry when he ran to Seton's apartment and i would have screamed if Seaton wasnt there haha but then again he's always home for some reason, does he work? and i think that he was abused when he was younger too that's why he's so sympathetic and i remember reading something that might have given that away but then again it could have been my imagination. So I'm guessing that that cop was at his house to check up on him and stuff. Ahh but i almost freaked out when he said that he had company over, i thought it was like a girlfriend or a boyfriend but then again he doesnt seem to have friens either such a loner but thats why i like him hehe. And that was nice that even though he had the cop over he let him in you know like he didnt have anything to hide from him and that's really cute. But how long is Jayden gonna be able to stay there? I mean it IS right next store that he lives at you know? and they could easily just break in or something they'd have to run away together! yes! and what if child services come? then how will Seaton see him again :[ aww i liked when he was in the shower and just thinking how Seaton used all of those things. wow i'm ranting sorry but this is a really great story more more more soon please?
6/12/2007 c18 6bookworm0706

I've been following this story from the beginning and it's absolutely awesome! Honestly. Lots of other authors tend to drop the 'abused' mentality right after the main character meets the "special someone", but I really like how you've kept it up! It makes the story a lot more realistic. I think I can figure out what Seaton is doing in the apartement, but as to how he feels about the brat... The suspense is killing me! Really, it is. That's why I HAD to review this chapter even though I never review stories (I'm too lazy :S): the cliffie is murderous! Please hurry up with the next chapter!


6/12/2007 c18 3Annmarie-Elva



It's early in the morning.
6/12/2007 c18 OoohLookACat

he knows about the abuse

the officer/luitenant...police guy knows about the abuse

and the hitting

and the charlie

that effing sick twisted bastard.


for making our poor jayden cry

and gr for saying all those horrible things

and gr for him having a sick mind.

stupid ass.

i hate him.


sick twisted asshole.

that's all i have to say

except for alfred:

alfred is a dick too.

6/12/2007 c18 14Night Play
omg. x.x his teacher gets on my nerves.

but this chapter..

was so great. x.x

so great.

write more soon!

I can't wait!
6/8/2007 c17 1Color Me Rose
I'm thinking I adore this chapter. (:

I'm sick and tired of Charlie, he depresses me.

Make him go away, please?

I think it's cute how much Seaton cares.

He's such a softie, underneath all of his snappishness.

He paints, after all.

Update quick !
6/7/2007 c17 brownshoeslaces
So I don't review often but I just felt the need to because I had this five minute thing after I read Chapter 17 where I imagined what I would write in a review for this story.

So first of all, I stopped reading stories where the protagonist was abused because the general emo-ness of the topic and how the characters aren't handled in a realistic way. What I love about Jayden is that he acknowledges that all the stuff that is happening to him is *terrible* but he doesn't make an effort to get away and after a year of watching law and order & csi marathons (because that makes me like an expert *snort*) I feel like thats the behavior of most abuse victims. They are ashamed of the fact that they are abused. So I find it unrealistic, when in other stories based on the same premise, the protagonist jumps into their savior's arms at the first moment.

Also I am a hurt-comfort fic kinda gal so as soon as you introduced Seaton I was all starry eyed. He is this snarkly, snarky person and I just heart him so if the next chapter is just devoted to Seaton and Jayden kind of chilling out, I would squee with joy. Also what I like about Seaton is that he is trying to get Jayden to become less submisive. Its kind of like normalizing the relationship between them so its not all Jayden being completely dependent on Seaton. Jayden seems to be finding his inner strength.

Charlie should just I don't know, DIE. Nothing else to say. The stuff he said about Jayden and watching him walk was just ew. It was so much more effective than him just groping Jayden or something. I got heebie jeebies after that one. I want Seaton to go kick his ass because that should totally be the scenario where Jayden gets vindicated.

I think the relationship with Jayden and his dad could be explored more. Maybe I am hallucinating this but I remember reading in one of the previous chapters that his dad really beat him up but afterwards he was apologetic. Like I really want to know his motivations. It can't all be just because of Jayden's mom.

This was a *long* review so I think I saved like one and a half puppies.
6/7/2007 c17 4kawaii-kitsune-thief
AH! . I started reading this this morning, finished around this afternoon, and it's wonderful. Admittedly, you do need a beta, there are a few errors in there, simple ones that need to be edited. But the story itself is excellent.

It has small details that just add so much character. I eagerly anticipate reading the next chapter.
6/7/2007 c17 3Violent Pornography
I love Jayden so much =]

hes so cute in this one

yeah inflicting some physical pain on charlie sounds good...

and this chapter was good. Lots of yummy seaton

Violent Pornography
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