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6/6/2007 c17 2shades-of-light
Puppies! Ha, Jayden's rather adorable. I kinda want Seaton to just know what happened to Jayden and get all crazy protective and all that because it makes me laugh. I also want him to see more of the yelling, cursing Jayden that seems to be stuck in his head (sometimes I feel the same way). This story is filled with lots of moments that make me chuckle gleefully, even if they aren't meant to be laughed at, I love it. So update soon!
6/6/2007 c17 5Squirrel Activist

A puppy this time, eh?


You should write an all Seaton/Jayden chapter.

Because I'm a complete fluff whore.


Unless of course, you've already got something planned, you know?

But I really just love their relationship, there is never too much to read lol.
6/6/2007 c17 Chameleonduality
*jumping up and down* Ah! Seaton hugged Jayden! And Jayden cried, and he yelled again, and he called Seaton by his first name (not without prompting, mind you)... my god, there were a lot of firsts for lil' Jay-Jay. But it's so good that he's getting his emotions out now. They've gotta be strong, after having been kept in for so long. But I loved that bit where Seaton hugs him... *going starry-eyed and emitting sigh of contentment* O.. the tension between them - oh la la.

And hell yes this chapter heightened my suspicions about the whole car phobia... *shiver* And he was a GUIDANCE COUNSELOR in a SCHOOL. How sick can it get? But I guess that's the way of things, I remember when they let a paedophile with a jail record become a caretaker in a school somewhere in N.I. I remember hearing about it on the news. Yes, my country is CRAZY. They named an airport after a famous football player who dabbled in serious alcoholism in his free time when he died (read: two liver replacement operations, neither of which worked).

And Seaton doesn't know the half of what Charlie's done to Jayden... I really wouldn't want to see his face when he finds out (Seaton's too damn curious not to find out, that's for sure). Like all the other reviewers, I'm definitely NOT tired of dear ol' Seaton; he intrigues ume too much to be tiring (at all, in fact). So many unanswered questions... I like his strong personality, though. Quirky too - the pizza's a nice touch. Ahh... *note of irritation*... there is an ad for pizza on tv at the minute, which talks about real italian pizza having a thin base with lotsa toppings and then, who is the producer of said ITALIAN pizza, pray tell? A friggin' GERMAN company? Does German = Italy or something? *frustration* And they show people eating pizza with a FORK! Who does that? (Although Seaton might, if he put his mind to it)

I've saved a nonexistent puppy! Whoot! (I have a dog, who is orange and white, has one BIG brown eye, a dodgy leg and is getting on a bit in doggy years. Love her to bits. ^.^) I volunteer at my local dogs charity, and the dogs there are gems. Maltreated gems, but gems none-the-less. There's a dalmation with three legs who can run like a greyhound, and an overprotective mother who doesn't stop barking for five minutes when someone goes near her puppies. She's a doll.

Whoo... *eyes starting to glaze over*... It's nearly 1 in the morning now, and I've been up since 7:30 am, sat a Chemistry exam, went to English Lit revision and suffered through a Pilates (torture) hour-long session. And I have an exam next monday, and riding tomorrow. Somebody kill me, please, so that I don't have to take the bother of doing it myself.

There's more Seaton in the next chappie? Thank'ye! Ah, this is how to treat a girl... I'll be looking forward to the next chapter! And I'm not gonna apologise about the review length this time... I've learnt. I think it's generally cause my friends tell me that I ramble WAY too much in letters/emails, and I'm always doubtful of other people being as tolerant of it as they are. But any-who.

See ya next time!

^.^ Peace.
6/6/2007 c17 Andi
^_^ Bwa hahaha.

Mkay, I can do that. Yeah I like worshiping stuff its fun.

I bet Im right...or totaly wrong.

Hope the next update tis soon
6/6/2007 c17 2mia5081
i absolutely love seaton, and i really hope he helps jayden get over the whole charlie issue. though i have to admit, with charlie spouting all that crap it might be a little bit hard. but i love it!

update soon!

6/6/2007 c17 3otter pop
Definitely not sick of Seaton. I LOVE him!

So... That's part of the reason Jay hates cars? I'm thinking so...

I know this is going to sound REALLY bad, but I miss Alfred beating the crap out of Jay, and then Seaton helping him and all that. It was sweet in and odd slightly twisted way.

And... I don't know if you've noticed, but your updates aren't as fast as they used to be =[ but I'm starting to be able to SENSE when they happen. Haha, I'm not even kidding. This morning I woke up and started straightening my hair and then I was all 'I bet Breaking the Mirror is gooing to update.' Okay, so not really word for word, but you get the point. =]
6/6/2007 c17 34Extraho-Uxor
another amazing chapter. I'm glad to see the seaton/jayden thing moving forward. I can't believe how wonderful seaton is. I think he's a cop... I get that feeling. but ive been known to be wrong so i could be lol. dont tell me. well, can't wait for the next chapter. BTW, so sad to see the stuff charlie expected from poor young Jayden. makes me sad that he was victimized like that. keep up the great work
6/6/2007 c17 magalina
Who would get sick of Seaton? :D

Well, donĀ“t really know what to say... the chapter was amazing, I love that he calls him by his name now. I hate Charlie, as usual. Every little memory you put there it makes mad.

Love this story!
6/6/2007 c17 float.along.lily.pad5t8
i've never reviewed before, but ur story is incredible and i'm in love with both Jayden and Seaton and I'm in utter loathing with Charlie and Jayden's dad. I'm wondering if his dad knows about Charlie and is just being outrageously cruel by wanting him to watch Jayden, or if he doesn't know about it. meh. Charlie and him are bastards either way : /

aw, saving nonexistent kittens and puppies ^_^ how sweet and awesome!

okay, all of us reviewers should band together and slowly mutilate Charlie with dozens of sharp pointy thing and then fillet him over flames and feed his remains to our kittens and puppies : )

and then celebrate by having a nonestent bakefest and baking loads of delicious cookies. -_-

update soon please! ^_^
6/6/2007 c17 7Love Eternally
Nonexistant puppy huh? Cool. Anyways, Charlie molested someone at the school didn't he? That's why he went to jail? How does Seaton know him? Too many questions.
6/6/2007 c17 Midnights Scream
I could never get tired of Seaton and awh poor Jayden yet he seems happy too so he's got a little bit of happiness at least. :)
6/6/2007 c17 Meri
GEE! so much Seaton *basks in utter happiness* and me and muffin will have so much fun! and i shall allow you to name my puppy:)
6/6/2007 c17 2Du Soleil Oriental
You should be proud, this story pulled me out of my 9 month no streak. ^.^ Of course school had much to do with that but I was mostly just bored with the stuff on here.

And now I'm not.
6/6/2007 c17 25Esquirella
The more I learn about Charlie the more I think he needs to be ... handled.
6/6/2007 c17 Feel The Waltz
A non exsistant puppy eh? Fab =D I'll call him Kitty. But anyway UBERLY amaze chapter as always. Keep up the good work mayte :]
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